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Best Trampoline Games For Kids to Play with Friends

Best Trampoline Games For Kids to Play with Friends

The best Trampoline games for kids are Dodgeball, Monkey in the Middle, Hopscotch, Tag, Reverse limbo, and Freeze bounce.

There are more unique creative trampoline games such as Stealthy Ninja, Bounce Battle, Keepy Uppy, 1 2 3 Sit, Trampoline Soccer, Bouncing air catch, Lava Balls, Tramp, Bull and Matador, Four Corners, Bounce with the Beat, Deadman trampoline game, Jump Contest, Water balloon toss, Trampoline bubbles, Trampoline gaga ball, and Jump the barrel.

Trampoline games provide benefits such as improving energy levels, increasing height, boosting confidence, maintaining good healthy conditions, and enhancing social interactions.

Parents like me who are very sensitive and caring for their kids do not want to hurt their kids. That is why I invest in quality trampolines and watch my kids while bouncing. I feel happiness while my kids jump on the trampoline but I fear for their safety a lot. 

For parents who love their kids’ safety, I have compiled a list of games for kids to provide a safer environment with safety.

Key Takeaways

  • Popular trampoline games for kids provide fun and benefits like improving fitness building confidence, and social skills. Games include Dodgeball, Monkey in the Middle, Hopscotch, Tag, Reverse Limbo, and Freeze Bounce.
  • Safety is paramount – always supervise kids, limit number of players, use soft balls, enforce rules to prevent injuries. Quality trampoline properly installed is a must.
  • Get started with simple games, practice consistently, take breaks to avoid overexertion. Follow all safety rules and guidelines to mitigate risks.
  • The goal is for kids to play more games safely to develop new skills, have fun with friends, and grow as individuals. Focus on safety first while expanding gameplay.
  • With proper precautions and preparation, trampoline games can be an enjoyable activity that builds lifelong memories. Supervision and quality equipment are key to minimizing risks.
Best Trampoline Games For Kids to Play with Friends

Best Trampoline games for kids [Enjoyment with safety]

These creative and unique games like Dodgeball, Monkey in the Middle, Hopscotch, Tag, Reverse limbo, and Freeze Bounce will give kids more fun without neglecting safety.

let’s talk about the best trampoline games that kids can play to enjoy their free time safely


The dodgeball game needs two teams having equal numbers of players while one team is present on the trampoline and the other running around the trampoline in the backyard. 

Each team tries to win by eliminating their opponent by hitting them on the ball on the legs. The team wins by sitting out all the opponent players by hitting them one by one.

The kids on the trampoline are at utmost risk when they are being hit by opponent players. Kids on the trampoline can face risks such as harder to dodge the ball because of the limited area to move and risks of falling and collisions. 

Always check how many kids can use the trampoline at a single time for safety reasons to avoid risks such as collisions and falling off the trampoline.

The dodgeball game was created by Cole and his brother in London, England, in 1999. This game is a creative blend of dodgeball and trampolining needing skills such as speed, fitness, and fast reactions and responses.

This game needs a softball (Avoid hard balls such as tennis balls or soccer balls) and a trampoline to play. 

Game Rules

  • Do not kick the ball by foot
  • Always hit the opponent’s body area below the waist. The head should not be targeted.
  • Do not stay ball for more than 10 seconds.
  • Each team must contain an equal number of players.
  • You can touch the ball only one time when you get it. For the next turn, either your opponent will hit the back ball to you, or hit the trampoline net.
  • No time limit is defined for this game.

Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the Middle game is played by three players (minimum) in such a way that two players throw the ball to each other, while the middle person (elected as a monkey to stand in the middle) on the trampoline tries to catch the ball.

As the middle person catches the ball, the person becomes the monkey whose thrown ball was caught.

This game has different names such as “Keep Away”, “Pickle in the Middle”, “Pickle in the Dish”, and “Piggy in the Middle”.

This game needs a trampoline, a softball, and a minimum of three players.

Game Rules

The rules of Monkey in the Middle game are:

  • Minimum 3 players are required.
  • Throw the ball such that Monkey (Middle man) does not catch it.
  • The Monkey can not grab the ball from other players by force, only when they throw the ball.
  • No time limit is defined for this game.
  • The player whose thrown ball is caught by Monkey becomes the Monkey (middleman)


Hopscotch game is played by drawing a hopscotch board on a trampoline using chalk or painter’s tape. The square should be drawn by length to easily fit one foot at a time, and so wide that the stone is placed without touching the borders of the line.

Vertically give numbers to the square from 1-10 in a way that the first square remains single while all the others remain in pairs.

Then the player hops on one foot through the squares, skipping the square with a stone inside.

The player prevents his foot from touching the line while keeping his balance. The player turns around and hops back after reaching the end of the grid, picking up the item along the way.

The player loses if he touches the line, and loses the balance by stepping on the object.

Hopscotch games can be played alone, however, playing with many players enhances competition and fun.  

Game Rules

  • One foot is put in the square at a single time until you reach the double square.
  • You can place both feet if you reach a double square but they must be separated squares.
  • Skipping square means you failed.
  • Hop squares in sequential order.

Tag Game

In Tag games, one player is “it” and tries to tag others using the trampoline and others are trying their best to escape from tagging.

The person who gets tagged becomes “it” who gets tagged. Kids love this game because it involves exercise, making it more interesting.

A minimum of two players are required to play this game, otherwise, fun is increased if there are multiple players.

Game Rules

Tag game has rules such as:

  • A minimum of two players are required to play tag games. You can make the game more interesting and challenging if multiple players are engaged.
  • “It” can be chosen by methods such as random selections, rock-paper-scissors, or volunteering.
  • “It” counts up to 10 so that the runner gets far from “it” to not be tagged. And the game begins.
  • The person becomes “it” if tagged by “it”.
  • All players must remain on the trampoline during the game, the player becomes “it” after falling from the trampoline.
  • Pushing or rough play is not allowed.

Encourage kids to become safe by following safety rules and guidelines, always observing kids’ activities, and not allowing them to try risky stunts.

Reverse Limbo

Reverse limbo games are played when two kids hole a rope, or pool noodle by making the bar high from the ground level (initially the height is low), and the other kids try to jump higher from the bar without touching the rope and succeed to the next level.

Pool height is increased after each level making it more challenging and interesting for kids. The only kid becomes the winner who succeeds in jumping higher over the limbo while the other fails.

Game Rules

Reverse limbo games have rules such as:

  • Pool noodles, brook sticks, or rope are required for this game to act as a bar.
  • The bar starts from a low height
  • Players should jump above the bar to succeed.
  • The bar height is increased gradually after each round increasing the competition level for players to jump higher to win.
  • The person who touches the bar while jumping over the bar becomes out of the game.
  • The last player is declared the winner who clears the bar without touching it.

Freeze Bounce

The Freeze Bounce game is also called “Freeze Dance” or “Musical Freeze”. This game is played in two variations such as with music, and without music.

In the music variation, one kid is selected as a “DJ” who is in charge of the music. Kids start bouncing on the trampoline when the music is started by the DJ. All players should jump according to the music rhythm.

All players should stop bouncing and hole their pose when the DJ stops the music. The player is out of the game if he is late to freeze, or does not stop bouncing after the music stops.

The last person is declared the winner who survives in the overall game without breaking the rules.

In the non-music variation, one kid is assigned “referee” or “Umpire” and judges other kids bouncing on the trampoline. As the referee yells “Freeze!” Everyone must stop bouncing. Kids must stop bouncing back after landing if they are in the air. 

The Umpire notices every person whether they are frozen or not. The participant is declared the winner who freezes instantly on the referee’s yell. Also, the players are disqualified if they are unable to bounce after the referee’s yell, lose their balance, or fall off the trampoline.

Games Rules

Freeze bounce game has the following rules:

  • A Musical instrument is needed to play this game.
  • All players will be on the trampoline except the “referee” or “DJ”.
  • Bouncing is started as the referee permits or starts the music
  • Players should bounce in rhythm according to the music.
  • Participants should stop their bouncing as the music stops, or the referee yells “Freeze!”.
  • Any person who does not manage to freeze after the referee yells or music stops is disqualified from the game.
  • The last one is the declared winner who remains in the game without breaking the rules.

Final thoughts

Each game mentioned above is one of the best trampoline games for kids. These games provide benefits such as coordination, balance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. 

Play the game that matches your age and skill level. Always start with simple games, enhance your skills by practicing more and being consistent. Take some rest after play. Do not play for a whole day without taking a break. It is dangerous for your health.

Trampolining has risks including falling off the trampoline, breaking your ankle, collisions, and static shocks. You have to follow proper guidelines which include investing in a high-quality trampoline, kids under supervision, installing a trampoline on ground level, and encouraging kids to follow safety instructions to make your kids’ trampoline journey more enjoyable and safer.

Now your job is to play more games to learn more but in a safer way.


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