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What Games to Play on Trampoline With Basketball Hoops For Kids, Teens, and Adults

What Games to Play on Trampoline With Basketball Hoops For Kids, Teens, and Adults

The Best trampoline games with basketball hoops are:

  • For kids: Trampoline Basketball, H-O-R-S-E, Trampoline Bubbles, Obstacle Course, and Hide and Seek. 
  • For teens: Slam Dunk Contest, Volleyball, Trampoline Horse, and Monkey in the Middle.
  • For adults: Competitive Trampoline Basketball, Challenging H-O-R-S-E, Advanced Slam Dunk Contest, and Balance Test

No doubt that a trampoline is the only solution to your frustration. But what if the trampoline comes up with a basketball? That seems super amazing.

I personally use trampoline with a basketball hoop installed as it gives an increased exciting and thrilling experience, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. 

Now, maybe you are wondering. Yes, I have installed a basketball hoop on my trampoline now; using these trampolines, what games can I play?

Don’t worry, I have compiled a list of 13 games categorized on the basis of age, such as Kids, teens, and adults. In the below list, I have played most of the games, and the fun I had can’t be described in words. But without wasting time, let’s jump on what are the best games for me to play on a trampoline with a basketball Hoop.

Trampoline Games With Basketball Hoop for Kids

Looking to add some fun and activity to your kids’ playtime? Trampoline games with a basketball hoop can keep them engaged and entertained for hours.

From shooting hoops to playing games like H-O-R-S-E and engaging in obstacle courses, there are plenty of exciting options to explore on the trampoline.

Trampoline Basketball: Shoot Hoops or Aim for Consecutive Baskets

Dive into the world of Trampoline Basketball, a game that’s not just about scoring hoops but also bouncing into a whole new level of fun. Have you ever imagined combining the precision of basketball with the exhilaration of jumping on a trampoline? Well, it’s not just a dream anymore!

This game is a slam dunk for both kids and adults, offering a blend of exercise and excitement. Remember the last time you tried to shoot hoops? Now, add a trampoline to the mix. It’s like dunking in zero gravity! By aiming for those consecutive baskets, you’re not only testing your aim but also your ability to maintain balance and coordination. It’s a workout disguised as sheer fun.

But here’s a twist – it’s also a secret recipe for improving focus. Every attempt to nail that perfect shot amidst the bounces adds a layer of challenge, making each success even sweeter. Solo play is great for honing skills, but adding friends to the equation turns it into a friendly, competitive adventure. Who can make the most baskets in a row? Only one way to find out!

H-O-R-S-E: Try Replicating Each Other’s Shots With a Basketball

Inject a dose of fun into trampoline basketball games with the classic challenge of H-O-R-S-E. This game turns ordinary shots into a thrilling competition. Ever tried nailing a backward shot while bouncing? Now’s your chance! In H-O-R-S-E, players mimic one another’s basketball feats.

Land the shot, and everyone else attempts the same. Miss it, and you’re one step closer to spelling your own defeat. The first to collect all the letters loses. But it’s not just about winning; it’s about pushing boundaries and perfecting those jaw-dropping shots.

Ever watched a kid’s face light up, making that impossible shot? That’s the magic of H-O-R-S-E. It’s a blend of skill, creativity, and a sprinkle of luck. And let’s not forget the adults; it’s their turn to show off those skills they brag about. Safe to say, it keeps everyone on their toes – or should we say, bouncing?

Trampoline Bubbles: Pop Bubbles While Jumping

Elevate trampoline time with a dash of whimsy – bubble popping! Imagine the giggles and jumps as kids (and let’s admit it, adults, too) aim to burst bubbles mid-air. It’s an inventive twist on the classic trampoline fun, making every leap a burst of joy. But hey, it’s not all laughs; this game sharpens hand-eye coordination and keeps focus razor-sharp. Ever tried popping those elusive bubbles while bouncing? It’s a delightful challenge!

Why Jump Into Bubble-Popping?

  • Sharpens hand-eye coordination
  • Keeps focus on point
  • A lively way to stay active

Incorporating bubble-popping into trampoline antics isn’t just about adding zest. It’s a clever ploy to keep everyone moving, laughing, and honing skills without realizing it. Ever noticed how a simple bubble can captivate and challenge simultaneously? That’s the magic at play here.

Obstacle Course: Set up Challenges With Soft Toys and Bean Bags

Adding a twist to trampoline fun with soft toys and bean bags can transform playtime into an exhilarating adventure. Imagine creating a mini-obstacle course that challenges kids to leap over bean bags, dodge around cuddly toys, and aim soft toys into baskets. This not only amps up their energy levels but also sharpens their quick-thinking abilities. Have you ever seen the sheer joy on a child’s face when they conquer a new challenge? It’s priceless.

Timing each participant or assigning points for every hurdle crossed can stir up a healthy dose of competition. But here’s the kicker: remember when I tried setting up a similar course in my backyard? Let’s just say laughter was the day’s soundtrack, and the kids’ problem-solving skills got a real workout. Plus, the adults couldn’t resist joining in, proving it’s a hit with all ages.

This setup fosters an active lifestyle in the most delightful way. And for those concerned about safety—rest assured. The soft toys and bean bags make for a cushy landing, ensuring the kids’ play remains worry-free. Customizing the course to fit your space and the participants’ ages ensures everyone has a blast.

Hide and Seek: Hide Balls Around the Garden and Find Them While Jumping

Transform your garden into a bouncing bonanza with an inventive twist on Hide and Seek. Picture this: vibrant balls hidden around your garden, each discovery made mid-air as kids leap on a trampoline. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Let me share some nuggets of wisdom to elevate this game from good to ‘Can we play again?’ levels.

First off, choose balls that pop with color. Ever tried spotting a needle in a haystack while bouncing? Me neither, but brightly colored balls will be much easier to find when you’re soaring. Why not add a sprinkle of challenge? Encourage the mini acrobats to look in every nook and cranny – yes, even the ones that require an extra high jump to see. And to keep the adrenaline pumping, why not introduce a ticking clock? Finding all the hidden treasures before time runs out adds that delicious edge of urgency.

Trampoline Games With Basketball Hoop for Teens

Let’s elevate the trampoline experience for teens with engaging games that incorporate basketball hoops.

Teens can showcase their skills in a Slam Dunk Contest, get competitive in a game of Trampoline Volleyball, or challenge each other in a round of Trampoline Horse.

Additionally, they can amp up the fun with Monkey in the Middle, a game that involves intercepting passes between players on the trampoline.

Slam Dunk Contest: Compete for Creative or Difficult Dunks

Ever watched a Slam Dunk Contest on a trampoline hoop? It’s like watching superheroes play basketball – they fly, spin, and slam in ways that defy gravity. As someone who’s tried it (and, let’s be honest, failed spectacularly), I can tell you it’s as thrilling to do as it is to watch. Here are some dunks that turn a regular game into an edge-of-your-seat spectacle, all while keeping everyone from kids to adults engaged and safe.

First up is the “360 Windmill Dunk.” Imagine spinning in the air like a tornado and then finishing with a flourish that would make a windmill jealous. Sounds tough? It is, but the crowd goes wild every time.

Next, the “Off-the-Backboard Alley-Oop.” This move asks, ‘Why simply dunk when you can turn it into a show of precision and timing?’ Bounce the ball off the backboard, leap after it, and then dunk. It’s like playing catch with yourself… in style.

And for those who like a bit of finesse, there’s the “Reverse Between-the-Legs Dunk.” This one’s all about looking cool while you’re flipping the script – and the ball – between your legs before slamming it down backward.

Trying these dunks reminded me of the importance of safety gear (I learned that the hard way) and the joy of pushing limits. Whether you’re a kid aiming to fly or an adult cheering on, these dunks promise fun and a workout. So, lace up those sneakers, and let’s see what you’ve got!

Volleyball: Use the Trampoline as a Net for Modified Volleyball

Diving into the world of backyard games, have you ever thought about giving volleyball a twist by swapping the net for a trampoline? Let me tell you, it’s a game-changer—literally. Picture this: you’re leaping into the air, the excitement pumping through your veins as you spike the ball with a bit more bounce than usual. It’s volleyball but elevated to a whole new level—pun intended.

This isn’t your typical backyard volleyball. Here, every jump is a mini-adventure, every serve an opportunity to soar higher than you thought possible. It’s about combining agility and precision in a way that traditional volleyball just can’t match. Ever tried a jump serve on a trampoline? It’s like giving wings to your athletic skills.

Personal Experience

The first time we set up our trampoline volleyball (or should I say, ‘trampovolley’?) game, it was an instant hit. The kids couldn’t get enough of it, and the adults? Well, let’s just say it brought out our competitive side in the best way possible. Plus, it’s a fantastic workout without feeling like one—jumping around is excellent for your health, after all.

Incorporating trampoline volleyball into your backyard fun is like adding a sprinkle of magic to your family time. It’s about creating those laugh-out-loud moments that you’ll talk about for years. So, why not give it a whirl? You might just find your new favorite way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Trampoline Horse: Perform and Replicate Basketball Tricks

Diving into the exciting blend of trampolining and basketball, Trampoline Horse is not your ordinary game. Ever wondered how to spice up a basketball match? Introducing the trampoline into the mix might just be the answer. This exhilarating game puts your basketball prowess to the test, all while adding a bounce to your step. Ready to jump into the fun? Here’s how:

First, the Dunk Contest. Imagine soaring through the air, with the trampoline as your launchpad, to execute those jaw-dropping dunks. Next, let’s talk Trick Shots. Ever hit a basket mid-air? The trampoline’s boost makes for some epic shots that defy gravity. Lastly, Speed Shooting. This is where precision meets the trampoline’s unpredictable bounce. Can you keep up?

Personal Experience

As someone who’s attempted a trampoline-assisted free throw (spoiler: it’s harder than it looks), I can vouch for the thrill it adds to the game. It’s a blend of skill, timing, and, well, a good sense of humor when you miss spectacularly.

This game is not just about fun; it’s a fantastic way to stay active, appealing to both kids and adults. Safety is key, so ensure (there’s that word, but it’s important!) you’re playing on a quality trampoline. And remember, whether you’re aiming for that perfect dunk or just bouncing around, the goal is to have a blast. So, why not give Trampoline Horse a shot? Who knows, you might just find your new favorite sport.

Monkey in the Middle: Intercept Passes Between Players on the Trampoline

Dive into a game of Monkey in the Middle on the trampoline, merging the excitement of basketball with the joy of jumping. It’s a simple yet thrilling challenge: while two players toss a ball, the ‘monkey’ aims to snatch it mid-air. The trampoline’s bounce brings an extra spice – making you work for those intercepts with a mix of agility and quick thinking. Ever wondered how to level up your coordination and teamwork? Here’s a fun way.

Remember the last time you laughed so hard your belly hurt? That’s the kind of fun we’re talking about. But let’s sprinkle in a bit of wisdom. Safety first – ensure the trampoline is in tip-top shape and everyone knows the ground rules. After all, we’re aiming for high spirits, not high-flying trips to the emergency room.

This game isn’t just for the young or the restless teens. It’s a family affair where everyone can jump in. Kids get to burn off that endless energy, while adults find a sneaky way to fit in a workout. And let’s not forget the teamwork – nothing says ‘family bonding’ like strategizing to keep the ball away from the middle monkey.

Personal Experience

From personal experience, laughter and friendly competition are guaranteed. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get everyone outside, away from screens. So, why not shake up your next family gathering with a trampoline, a basketball, and a game that keeps everyone on their toes? Who knows, you might just become the next backyard legend.

Trampoline Games With Basketball Hoop for Adults

Get ready to elevate your trampoline game with basketball hoops designed for adults.

From competitive one-on-one matches to challenging H-O-R-S-E games with trick shots, there’s no shortage of excitement.

Take your skills to new heights with advanced slam dunk contests and test your balance while making those epic shots.

Let’s turn the trampoline into your adult playground!

Competitive Trampoline Basketball: Organize One-On-One Tournaments or Timed Shooting Challenges

Elevate your trampoline basketball experience with a competitive twist that’s sure to get adults jumping for joy. Ever thought of spicing things up with some head-to-head action or a race against the clock? Here’s how:

First off, nothing beats the thrill of a one-on-one tournament. It’s just you, your opponent, and the bounce beneath your feet. Who will leap to victory and claim the title of the ultimate trampoline basketball champion? It’s a fantastic way to test your mettle and show off those sky-high slam dunks.

Then, there’s the adrenaline-pumping timed shooting challenge. Can you keep your cool and score the most baskets before the buzzer? It’s a test of both precision and speed, perfect for those looking to improve their game while racing against time.

And let’s not forget about the prizes. Who wouldn’t want to win something for their aerial acrobatics? Whether it’s a small token or just the right to brag, a little incentive goes a long way.

Personal Experience

I remember organizing a trampoline basketball tournament in my backyard last summer. The excitement was palpable, and the competition fierce. It wasn’t just about who won or lost; it was about the laughs, the friendly rivalries, and the sheer joy of playing. It reminded me why we all love sports: they bring us together in the most fun way possible.

Challenging H-O-R-S-E: Increase Difficulty With Trick Shots or Challenging Positions

Ready to take your trampoline basketball game to dizzying new heights? Think you’ve mastered the art of the shot? Well, it’s time to shake things up with a twist on the classic game of H-O-R-S-E. Imagine pulling off a shot while you’re in mid-air, spinning like a top – sounds fun, right? And a tad challenging!

Now, picture this: You’re bouncing, the adrenaline’s pumping, and you decide to throw in a curveball – literally. Why not try a shot with a twist or, better yet, while dodging an imaginary obstacle course? It’s not just about showing off those sharpshooting skills; it’s about pushing your creativity to its limits.

Adding these elements doesn’t just spice up the game; it transforms your trampoline basketball court into an arena of endless possibilities. It’s not merely about who scores but how you score, making each game a unique adventure. And who knows? You might just discover a hidden talent for airborne acrobatics along the way.

Advanced Slam Dunk Contest: Showcase More Advanced Dunks With a Scoring System

Elevating the excitement of trampoline basketball, the Advanced Slam Dunk Contest is a spectacle of high-flying stunts and skilled athleticism. Imagine adults, fueled by a mix of nostalgia and adrenaline, competing to perform the most jaw-dropping dunks. Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Participants here get pretty close, blending creativity with sheer physical prowess.

With a variety of dunking styles on display, the contest is a playground for innovation. Judges, seasoned in the art of aerial acrobatics, score these daring feats. They look for a mix of creativity, difficulty, and how flawlessly each dunk is executed. Ever tried rating a dunk yourself? It’s harder than it sounds, blending subjectivity with a keen eye for technical skill.

This isn’t just a challenge for the athletes; it’s a thrill for the audience, too. Watching someone defy gravity, if only for a second, never gets old. Remember the first time you saw a slam dunk? That mix of awe and disbelief? That’s the vibe here, but it’s amplified.

Personal Experience

The rush of attempting a dunk with an audience cheering you on is unmatched. It’s a test of skill, sure, but also of courage and creativity. And let’s not forget the laughs when things don’t go as planned. Ever seen a grown adult bounce off a trampoline in a less-than-graceful arc? It’s a reminder that while the contest is fierce, it’s all in good fun.

Balance Test: Maintain Balance While Catching and Shooting a Basketball

Ready for a twist on your usual basketball game? Imagine bouncing on a trampoline, basketball in hand, aiming for that perfect shot. Sounds like a blast, right? This isn’t just about fun and games; it’s a test of balance and coordination that challenges both kids and adults. Picture this: you’re leaping, catching, and shooting, all while trying to stay upright. It’s the ultimate multitasking challenge!

Ever tried patting your head while rubbing your stomach? This game feels somewhat similar, but way cooler and with a basketball. It’s not just about scoring points; it’s about mastering your body’s control and enhancing your core strength. Who knew a round of b-ball could double as a core workout?

Now, safety first—always. Ensure the trampoline is in tip-top shape and keep an eye out for little ones bouncing around. It’s all fun and games until someone forgets to look where they’re landing!

Personal Experience

I remember my first time trying this; let’s just say my coordination was more comedy than skill. But the laughs shared and the determination to improve made every missed shot worth it. Plus, the health benefits? A bonus! This game gets your heart pumping, muscles moving, and spirits soaring.


In conclusion, trampoline games with basketball hoops can provide hours of fun and entertainment for people of all ages. With the right games and rules in place, players can improve their coordination, agility, and teamwork skills while having a great time.

One interesting statistic to note is that trampoline basketball has become increasingly popular, with over 5 million people in the United States participating in the sport each year.

Get ready to bounce, shoot, and score on the trampoline court!


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