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Can Multiple Kids Bounce on Trampoline | Multiple Jumping Risks

Can Multiple Kids Bounce on Trampoline | Multiple Jumping Risks

No, multiple kids can’t use the trampoline at a single time because of safety issues because more than 75% of trampoline injuries occur due to multiple jumpers. Trampoline manufacturers recommend only one person on a trampoline at a single time. Many kids bouncing together can harm themselves by colliding with each other. So don’t allow multiple kids to bounce on the trampoline at the same time.

Can Multiple Kid Bounce on a Trampoline ?

According to motherhoodhq, 90% trampoline injuries are sustained by kids under 16 and the average injured kids age was 9.5 years. In 2007, broken bones accounted for 6.16% of all trampoline-related injuries among children.

The average age of kids for different injuries is as follows: arm/hand injuries: 8.7 years, leg/foot injuries: 10.0 years, spine/skull/rib injuries: 16.5 years.

This post describes

  • How many people can use trampoline at a single time?
  • Why only one jumper on trampoline is recommended?
  • Risks/Dangers of jumping together on trampolines.
  • Medical expert recommendations about multiple kids using trampolines.
  • How many kids can use trampoline at a single time?
  • Can 2 kids jump on a trampoline?
  • Can 3 Kids jump on a trampoline?

Article Roadmap

Key Points 

  • More than 75% of trampoline injuries occur due to multiple jumpers on the trampoline.
  • In 2007, broken bones accounted for 6.16% of all trampoline-related injuries among children.
  • The average age for different trampoline injuries: Arm/hand injuries: 8.7 years, Leg/foot injuries: 10.0 years, Spine/skull/rib injuries: 16.5 years.
  • 90% of trampoline injuries are in kids under 16 years old.
  • The average injured child’s age is 9.5 years.
  • Trampoline manufacturers recommend only one jumper at a time for reasons such as Safety, Proper functionality, Reduced liability, and Controlled bouncing experience.
  • Multiple jumpers increase the risk of ‘trampoline ankle’ – a common injury from collisions or improper landings.
  • Medical experts advise against multiple kids on a trampoline due to increased injury risk.
  • Experts recommend adult supervision of kids on trampolines and following all safety rules.
  • Risks of multiple jumpers: Lack of coordination between jumpers, Double bouncing hazards, Ejection risks, Competitive play injuries, and Inability to control direction.
  • An 8ft trampoline can accommodate 2 kids jumping at the same time.
  • A 14ft trampoline can fit 3 kids jumping at the same time.
  • Safety is paramount when multiple kids use a trampoline: Follow all weight limits, Supervise kids, Enforce safety rules, and Ensure trampoline is in good condition
Can a trampoline be used by multiple kids at once

How many people can use trampoline at once

Only one person can use trampoline at a single time to ensure safety because multiple jumpers bouncing on trampoline arises accidents such as collision, falling off, weight overloading, and serious injuries. One-third of trampoline injuries occur due to the reason when multiple kids are using trampoline. In some case multiple people can these trampoline such as

  1. Trujump 12 ft Trampoline by TruJump
  2. Trampoline Series 14’ Round by FIZITI
  3. Fiziti Trampoline Series 16’ Round by FIZITI
  4. Springfree Trampoline Kids Outdoor Large Oval 8 x 13’ by Springfree Trampoline
  5. SONGMICS Outdoor Trampoline
  6. Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline
  7. Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

But again, safety must be ensured. The safe recommendation is to allow only one person jumping on the trampoline at a single time.

First know appropriate age for kids to use a trampoline before allowing them near trampolines..

The recommended age for a kid to use a trampoline is 6 years or more. Children whose age is not yet 6 can’t use the trampoline because they are too careless and they can harm themselves very easily.

Parents who are more sensitive and caring for their kids don’t allow multiple kids on the trampoline at once. 

Trampoline Safety checks for kids

To ensure kids safety while jumping on trampoline, follow these rules

  • Trampoline should be in good health.
  • Mat should not be torn or faded
  • Clean the trampoline mat from dirt.
  • Educate kids to obey safety guideline
  • Install trampoline on ground level
  • Encourage kids to jump in the center
  • Don’t allow kids alone in trampoline park
  • Harshly prevent kids to perform risky stunts
  • Don’t allow adults or small kids when already a kid is using a trampoline.

There are some parents that are very careless. Parents should forcely obey safety guidelines on their kids because kids aren’t mature enough to understand trampoline risks and injuries. But as a parent you should consider all these factors for your kids’ safety.

Why Do Manufacturers Recommend Only One Person On A Trampoline At A Time

Manufacturers recommend only one person on a trampoline at a time for safety, proper functionality, reduced liability, and controlled bouncing, also multiple kids bouncing at a single time is totally risky.

Here are the reasons why trampoline manufactures recommend to allow one person on trampoline at a single time

Safety Issues – Risk of Collisions and Injuries

Multiple kids bouncing on trampoline faces safety issues such as risks of collisions and injuries including head, neck, sprains, bones, leg injuries and even mental disorder. Kids collide with each other if a trampoline is used by multiple kids at the same time. Trampoline becomes unstable after increased number of jumper which makes harder for kids to manage force by the mat. As a result they either fall off the trampoline or injured severely.

Trampoline Are Designed for Specific Users To Work Properly

Trampolines are designed for specific weight and number of users while manufacturing. Trampoline mat is torn due to increased weight or improper weight distribution if many people are jumping which can cause severe leg or spinal bone injuries. The uneven weight can damage the springs and frame damaged which is extremely dangerous.  

Liability – Trampoline manufactures are not responsible in case of Injuries

Trampoline manufacturing companies free themselves from liabilities in case of injuries, that is why they clearly mention safety guideline and specific people to jump on a trampoline.

This way these companies are not responsible for any risks or injuries because they have already mentioned the guidelines.

Control bouncing experience – Multiple users makes it hard to control unpredictable forces

It become very hard for every user to maintain their stability in case of multiple users bouncing at the same time as every user applies force over trampoline mat as a result mat exerts force over the user. The increase amount of force over mat results into unwanted extra bounce making users unbalanced which results into falling off trampoline or colliding with each other.

How many kids can safely jump on a trampoline?

Only one kid can jump on a trampoline at a single time, for safety purposes. All trampolines have a specific user limit which should not be crossed.

At one time only the recommended users ( exactly one ) should use the trampoline to become more safe and enjoy the bouncing experience more.

Manufacturers also recommend one user on trampoline at a single time because they really care about people’s safety, their reputation, and trampoline lifespan.

Can 2 kids jump on a trampoline

Yes, 2 kids can jump on a trampoline having dimensions of 8ft or larger. 8Ft trampolines are specially designed for 2 kids to experience the bouncing experience at the same time, but 10 Ft or larger trampolines provide an incredible jumping experience for 2 kids.

But again, safety consideration must be implemented while multiple kids are bouncing on the trampoline.

Ensure each kid should jump in limit and weight limit shouldn’t be exceeded. 

Do supervise your kids by an adult or yourself (parents) to prevent them from injuries.

Can 3 Kids jump on a trampoline

Yes 3 kids can jump on a trampoline if the trampoline size is 14ft. A 14ft trampoline is enough to provide the best bouncing experience to 3 kids. 14ft trampolines are large enough to provide enough jumping space for 3 kids. But you shouldn’t exceed the weight limit otherwise kids would harm.

Ensure the trampoline weight limit is equal or greater than the combined weight of three kids for more safety.

What Do The Medical Experts Say About Multiple Kids using Trampoline

Medical experts suggest that parent should avoid having multiple kids on trampoline at the same time. The more the users on trampoline, the more risks chances are there, so pay attention to the number of kids bouncing on trampoline for your kids and trampoline safety.

Pediatric Orthopedic surgeons advise parents to become aware of trampoline injuries and risk because of carelessness  and multiple users at a single time. Do supervise your kids activities while they are performing jumps, bounces, and flips. 

Sticking to safety guidelines by trampoline manufactures, and using trampoline safely makes you secure from injuries and increases your trampoline lifespan.

Risks Associated with Multiple Kids Bouncing on trampoline

Multiple kids bouncing on a trampoline at a same time are prone to these five risks such as Trampoline Ankle, Coordination Issues, Double Bouncing Hazards, Ejection Risks, Competitive Play Risks, and Struggle to Keep Control of Direction

It is totally risky to have multiple kids bouncing on a trampoline and parents should know about the consequences and hazards caused due to many users.

Multiple jumpers increase risk for trampoline ankle

Kids collectively jumping on trampoline can result into trampoline ankle. ‘Trampoline ankle’ refers to sprains or fractures that occur when two or more jumpers collide or land improperly.

It is a common injury caused when two or more than two people use a trampoline for bouncing at the same time. 

So you should be aware of this injury if you want your ankle safe because this injury causes ankle swelling, bruising, and tenderness on the outside of the ankle. As a result, it becomes very hard to move because it can’t bear weight.

To minimize the risk, it’s recommended to limit the number of jumpers and ensure everyone follows proper safety guidelines.

Coordination Issues: Addressing Coordination Challenges Among Multiple Jumpers

Coordination issues arise when multiple kids are jumping together, and they aren’t aware of each other’s movements. resulting in collisions and potential injuries. Kids should become aware of collision risks while bouncing together to make themselves more safe and secure.

It’s important to educate kids about the importance of watching out for others while bouncing and to establish safe jumping rules , such as taking turns and maintaining a safe distance from each other.

Double Bouncing Hazards: Identifying the Risks of Simultaneous Bouncing

Double bouncing is the phenomenon in which a user experiences an unexpected jump due to another jumper’ bounce. It becomes hard for users to control their movement resulting in falling off trampoline, colliding with other jumpers, and landing improperly causing neck injuries, bone fractures and sprains.

Double bouncing are very risky because 

  • Collisions can lead to injuries such as sprains, fractures, or head trauma.
  • Lack of coordination between jumpers can increase the chances of accidents.
  • The force generated during simultaneous bouncing can cause kids to lose their balance and fall off the trampoline.

Ejection Risks: Exploring the Possibility of Children Being Ejected

Ejection risks and potential collisions occur when multiple kids bounce on a trampoline at the same time. Here are three important points to consider:

  • Children bouncing at different heights can collide mid-air, leading to injuries.
  • The force generated by multiple kids bouncing together may increase the likelihood of ejections.
  • Collisions can cause kids to lose balance and fall off the trampoline, resulting in serious injuries.

Competitive Play Risks: Evaluating Hazards in Competitive Trampoline Play

Kids lose their safety senses in there competition and try to perform more better than other, in many cases they make themselves injured by becoming overconfident and overexcited. That is why competitive is more risky as it seems to great fun and thrilling.

Kids need to be aware of other bouncers to coordinate their movement accordingly to reduce the chances of risks. 

Kids are mistaken while competing with others, they forget safety guidelines to achieve the victory. That’s the time when kids make themselves injured by sprains, fractures, or even concussions.

Properly educate children about the importance of spatial awareness and staying in control while on the trampoline.

Struggle to Keep Control of Direction

Kids often fail to maintain control of direction when trampolining at the same time because of unpredictable bouncing patterns caused due to other jumpers. So it becomes hard to control their movements for kids which results in collisions or falling off to the ground. 

Due to these reasons it is recommended for only one person to use a trampoline at a time. 

Final Thoughts

So, after all of our research and expert opinions, it seems that having multiple kids bouncing on a trampoline at the same time isn’t the safest idea. 

Manufacturers recommend only one person at a time to avoid accidents and injuries.

Trampoline is fun but also risky for your kids if you are careless and your kids don’t stick to the rules.

Medical experts warn parents to be aware of risks of collisions and ‘trampoline ankle’. 

So next time, your kid begs you to allow their friends on the trampoline, make sure the trampoline is big enough and can bear the combined weight of both. You must be there to supervise your kids because in extreme joy, they forget to follow rules and perform irregular risky jumps which results in harming themselves.

Enjoy a happy time with your kids enjoying trampoline 


How many kids can safely jump on a trampoline at once? What’s the weight limit?

Only one kid can jump on a trampoline for safety reasons, and the weight limit of for rectangular trampoline is 250 pounds and weight limit for round trampoline is 400 pounds.

What’s the risk of injury with multiple kids bouncing at the same time? Could they crash into each other or land on top of each other?

Multiple kids bouncing at the same time increase risks such as collisions, double bouncing, improper weight distribution, resulting into crashing into each others and landing on the top of each other

Can the trampoline handle the force of multiple bouncers? Will it wear out or break more quickly?

Yes trampoline can handle force of multiple bouncers in a limit also increased force results into quick wear and tear with time

How do you establish rules for taking turns and sharing the trampoline fairly?

For taking turns and sharing trampolines establish these rules such as one person at a time, allow each for specific time, consider age (do not allow kids under 6), proper adult supervision, and proper communication.

How do you keep kids focused on safe jumping rather than rough play or tricks?

You can keep kids focused on safe jumping rather than engaging in rough and dangerous tricks by using these strategies such as set strict rules, proper supervise, educate them for safe jumping, use safety measures and equipment, rewards and praise safe bouncers, and use a whistle to make them realize that someone is watching their activities


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