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How you can convince your parents to get a trampoline for you

How you can convince your parents to get a trampoline for you

I know you are worried that your parents are not going to get you a trampoline. But on the other hand, your parents are worried that you are going to hurt yourself on the trampoline because you are a kid, and not so careful about your safety. So what to do in this case?

You need a trampoline because you see your friends already have it in their backyards, but your parents are delaying or not buying you a trampoline and you are tired of convincing them.

Let’s try my 8 proven techniques to convince your parents that will make your parents say “Okay! Son/daughter, Next weekend, we are going to have you a trampoline.” Tell them that I can offer you some money from my savings to reduce the burden on you. Helping your parents with a little money will make them happy and they will consider you a sensible child who cares for them.

Tell them how trampoline jumping can provide you benefits such as maintaining good health, increasing blood flow across your body, making you more physically active, improving your body balance and coordination, enhancing your learning and competitive skills, and resulting in better sleep at night. 

Assure them that you will follow all the safety guidelines, such as jumping in a supervised environment, controlled bouncing activities, and performing tricks that you are an expert in.

Persuade them that buying a trampoline for me is the best decision to make because I will be at home under your supervision, spending more quality time in the backyard, improving my health, and being safe from dangerous outdoor activities such as bike racing, swimming, road cricket, mountain hiking, and harsh footballing with adults.

8 Magical Methods to Persuade your parents for trampoline buying

8 Magical Methods to Persuade your parents for trampoline buying
Magical Ways to Persuade your parents for trampoline buying

Do not complain and say things like “My parents do not love me, or My parents do not understand my situation”, parents love you and care for you the most in the whole world, they do whatever they believe is best for you.

You can persuade your parents to trampoline buying using these techniques.

First of all, go to your parents when they are in a pleasant mood. Tell them your situation: You need a trampoline, but you are considering their financial situation. That is why you have saved some money from your pocket and will contribute to trampoline buying. 

Tell them about trampoline benefits such as health improvement, quality sleep, and better balance and coordination.

Tell them which area in your home is best for installing a trampoline to make your backyard more beautiful and trampoline safer.

You can make your parents more convinced to purchase a trampoline for you by giving them some offers, such as 

  • I will follow all the safety guidelines while jumping on a trampoline
  • Doing my homework will be my priority after that I will perform bouncing on a trampoline.
  • I will maintain and take care of my trampoline to save your money so that it is not wasted.
  • I will obey all your orders and perform home chores, and when I get free, I will be in the backyard jumping on a trampoline. Trampoline will never be a cause of my disrespectfulness and laziness in performing home chores. 

Consider your Parents’ income and home expenses

Do not be selfish and die for a trampoline that even you forget about your parents’ struggles and hardships they are doing for you and your siblings. 

Do consider your parents’ income and home expenses and then decide whether they can afford you a trampoline or not. Ask politely and convince them to purchase a trampoline if they have enough side money from home expenses. 

Do not force your parents to buy a trampoline if they have no money.

Contribute some of your pocket money to buy a trampoline so that your parents realize that you are caring for your parents as well as their financial situations.

The approach of researching trampoline prices and offering your savings will make your parents more convinced that you are a responsible child and not just after buying a trampoline. Still, you are also thinking about their financial conditions.

be polite and Ask with respect

Kids loving and engaging with their parents

Always be polite and respectful to your parents if they are buying a trampoline or if they disagree with your decision because they care about you and your safety.

Make your parents realize that you are mature enough to make yourself safe by properly maintaining the trampoline and following safety guidelines.

To show yourself more responsible and devoted you can use these tips

  • Ask your parents calmly and respectfully
  • Show your parents that you’ve done your homework
  • Tell them about the safety measures you’re planning to implement.
  • Explain how you’ll take responsibility for trampoline maintenance.
  • Persuade your parents to fulfill your trampoline dream by providing logical reasons.
  • Don’t whine or nag; it won’t help convince your parents to get the trampoline.

Improves balance and coordination for sports

Tell your parents that trampoline jumping provides more benefits, such as improving body posture, making you more active, circulating blood across the body, learning new skills, and becoming more open to accepting new challenges. Tell them that I will get all those benefits by using them in my backyard. 

You can tell your parents that the trampoline is best for 

  • Improving balance: Jumping on the trampoline helps to maintain your body balance, strengthening your core and leg muscles.
  • Enhancing coordination: Every jump requires body parts coordination and movements, thereby improving your motor skills.
  • Increasing Height: Trampolining also helps in increasing height by stimulating growth plates.

I’ll contribute $150 from my birthday money

Telling your parents that “I will contribute $150 from my birthday money for trampoline buying” helps your parents realize that you love them as you love trampoline because you are going to help your parents by offering them some or all of your money.

Offering your money doesn’t mean that you are dying to buy a trampoline rather it shows your responsibility and love for your parents and their financial struggles. Because you are going to invest your own birthday party money, your parents will realize that you think about your parents and are serious about buying online and they will be convinced very soon.

Install trampoline in the backyard corner visible from the Parents’ room or kitchen window

installing trampoline in your backyard with your parents

Select a safe location in the backyard to place for trampoline so that it is visible from your parents’ room or kitchen window. This way, parents will properly observe your activities on the trampoline and you will have more fun and safety under their supervision.

Do them realize that you have researched trampoline and their safety concerns, which are 

  • Show them the safety features of modern trampolines:
  • High-quality safety nets
  • Padded spring covers
  • Explain how the visible location adds an extra level of safety:
  • They can keep an eye on you
  • They can intervene quickly if needed

The same was the case with me. My kids were continuously after me for one month to buy them a trampoline, but I was postponing. Actually, I love my kids more. That is why I don’t want them hurt on trampolines. But after one month, my kids told me that they would install a trampoline in the backyard so that it is visible from your room and the kitchen so that Mom and Dad could see our trampoline activities. They further told us to remove or sell the trampoline if we did not follow safety guidelines, disobeyed them, and did not properly do our homework. 

That time, they convinced me, and I purchased them a trampoline for the next weekend after 3 days. They kept their promise, and now they enjoy the trampoline without any worries or tensions.

So you can apply this technique also to your parents. Otherwise, I have some more solutions for you.

Tell them How Trampoline Improves mental health

How a Trampoline Can Improve Your Brain and Coordination!

Tell your parents that credible sources, research, and videos show the benefits of trampolines for mental health. 

You can use the research I have collected for you on trampoline benefits from three trustworthy sources such as,

  • According to, trampolining provides many benefits, such as increasing bone density, improved balance, improved heart conditions (maintaining Cholesterol level, Triglyceride level, and Resting heart rate), and stress relief.
  • According to, trampoline activities are most effective in curing mental illness.
  • According to, using a trampoline makes your mind alert and active due to increased blood flow toward the brain and greater enzyme activities.

Tell your parents that trampoline is not just for time, it provides many benefits, such as 

  • Jumping on a trampoline triggers the release of endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that make you feel happy and reduce stress.
  • Not only will this help your mental health, but it could benefit the whole family too by making them together at the party or without the party enjoying and chilling. 
  • Parents need their kids’ happiness and the trampoline is the only source for making your kids more engaged, active, and happy. I also when become bored with my life and want to take some mind rest, I go towards my backyard and either engage with kids on the trampoline or just watch them bouncing on the trampoline. At that time I forget what I was going through problems in my life because my kids’ happiness means a lot to me. After watching my kids bouncing on a trampoline, I become so fresh and creative that I solved my problems very easily.
  • It’s also a low-impact cardio workout, which is great for overall health.

Offer to rent first to demonstrate responsibility

I have one solution for you that works 200% for every parents, if your parents are strict like me and they are not going to be convinced after you tried many times. 

Ask your parents in a humble way that you need a trampoline and ensure them that you know that they care for you. 

Give them a guarantee that you are going to follow all the safety guidelines and rules to protect yourself. 

Ask your parents to rent a trampoline for one week from a market, from a neighbor, and from your friend’s backyard. 

Give your parents the opportunity to test your responsibility and promise you are making to them that you are going to make yourself safe and secure while jumping on a trampoline. 

Believe me, this method is very effective and works very well. In this way, parents have a choice and they could choose whether you are fit, responsible, and eligible to use the trampoline or not. 

You are going to miss the opportunity of having a trampoline for a long time If you are unable to satisfy your parents by responsibility for taking care of the trampoline, safety while jumping, and using the trampoline in a controlled way. 

Got 3 friends’ parents to explain the benefits

You can also take the help of your friends’ parents to convince your parents that they should not be afraid of having a trampoline in their home because owning a trampoline is not harmful if used in a controlled and safe environment. 

You should at least have 3 trustful and loyal friends to whom you can explain the overall situation so that your friends tell their parents your situation and they are mentally prepared for the situation.

Your friends’ parents can tell your parents about trampoline benefits such as backyard beauty, reducing the screen time of your kids, making kids more physically and mentally active, and learning to manage new skills and dealing with competitive environments. 

If your kids’ parents told you that buying a trampoline for their kids was totally a game changer and our kids strengthened their core muscles, becoming physically stronger and balanced, I believe that your parents are going to buy you trampoline on the next day or weekend.

Final Thoughts

So don’t worry, your parents are going to convince you to buy a brand-new trampoline for you if you apply the above convincing tactics in a proper way. 

Be easy and soft with your parents because parents must be treated in an extremely respectable and humble way. 

Convince them with dialogues and help them realize that you are going to be more physically active and will be distracted from garbage stuff like TikTok, Snapchat, SnackVideos, video games, Movies, and Television Series that are eating your creativity.

Be patient, try consistently, wait for the right moment, but be respectful and show empathy for your parents because they love you the most. You are the reason they are struggling all day and night. Do consider their financial situation and be the shoulder of your parents.

Show them trampoline benefits, remove their fears, and negotiate responsibly. 

When they are agreed buy a trampoline that fits according to your need and budget.

Select a trampoline that fits your needs but don’t waste your parents’ money. 

Before you know it, you’ll be bouncing high into the sky on your very own trampoline!