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Why Are Rectangle Trampolines More Expensive Than Round Trampolines

Why Are Rectangle Trampolines More Expensive Than Round Trampolines

Rectangle trampolines are more expensive to produce and purchase than round trampolines because their elongated shape requires additional steel, padding, and reinforced leg supports to maintain durability across the longer length, leading to increased manufacturing and retail costs.

Why The Price of Rectangular Trampoline Is Higher than Round Trampolines?

While buying a trampoline for my daughter, I noticed that rectangular trampolines were costly.

You may also be shocked and wonder why rectangular trampolines are more expensive than round trampolines?

In this article, we’ll know why these rectangular trampolines are more expensive, the pros and cons of each trampoline, and which one is the safest and why.

So get ready to read.

Key Points

  • Rectangular trampolines require more materials, engineering, and durable components to construct their elongated shape and withstand concentrated jumping forces, increasing production complexity and costs.
  • The premium features of rectangular trampolines, like extra jumping space, basketball hoops, and thicker safety mats, cater more for athletic training rather than basic recreational bouncing.
  • Rectangular trampolines are made with professional-grade quality and durability to facilitate routines and tricks, whereas basic round trampolines focus more on accessibility.
  • The complex rectangular frame and reinforced leg designs take greater precision and more steel to engineer for added stability and weight capacity compared to simple round frames.
  • Rectangular trampolines are marketed as premium products with greater customization and more perceived value from their space-saving shape and visually appealing backyard aesthetics.

Why Are Rectangle Trampolines More Expensive than Round Trampolines?

Some people wonder why rectangular trampoline prices are higher than round trampoline prices (regular trampoline ). The price is high due to 11 different reasons, such as

  • Cost of manufacturing.
  • Unique Shape.
  • Extra Jumping Space.
  • Professional-Level Quality.
  • Long-lasting Durability.
  • For Experienced Users
  • Complex Frame Design.
  • Safety with Thicker Mat.
  • More Features for the Price.
  • Space-Saving Design.
  • Mainly Used as An Indoor Trampoline.

Let’s start discussing one by one

Cost of Making

It takes more cost to construct a rectangular trampoline than making a round trampoline. That’s why these trampolines are more pricey for a manufacturer due to their design and components. 

Round trampolines have a simple structure and need less construction material. 

Because of Having a large surface area and extra features like safety nets and enclosures, trampoline price goes higher.

Many people love rectangular trampolines due to their unique jumping experience and better placement in places.

The cost of the trampoline can be varied by the following factors

  • Size 
  • Material used
  • Safety Features
  • Frame Design 
  • Labor Costs
  • Customization
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Transportation and distribution

Unique Shape

Rectangular trampolines provide an incredible unique jumping experience than round trampolines. Heavy frames and mats are required to design the unique shape of this trampoline.

Also, they provide a great bouncing experience because of the springs’ different placement. 

Extra Jumping Space

Thanks to its additional jumping area, you can jump and bounce on a rectangular trampoline occupying a large area.

That’s why these trampolines are more costly than round trampolines due to quality materials and gigantic size.

Round trampolines are designed in such a way that safety is not compromised. On the other hand, rectangular trampolines are made for more professionals to bounce and jump in their way, providing more freedom. All these contribute to an increase in the cost.

The benefits of extra jumping spaces are

  • Low risk of collision
  • Support multi-users
  • Freedom of movement
  • Advanced customized tricks 
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Less overlapping bounces
  • Enhances Longevity

Professional-Level Quality

Rectangular trampolines are designed for professional athletes and gymnasts. That’s why experts use them to bounce and jump more freely in an efficient way. 

Professionals or athletes who require more precise movements use them because they are made to survive expert-level bouncing with more balanced experience. 

Circular trampolines may facilitate a multi-user experience, but again, rectangular trampolines are even better in every way. That’s why they cost you more.

The benefits of a rectangular trampoline designed with professional quality materials are

  • Quality materials last long
  • Stable platform to perform tricks and routines
  • Precise bounce control
  • Provides Safety Features (not greater than round trampolines)

Long-lasting Durability

A rectangle-shaped trampoline model needs greater effort, precise construction, and engineering principles to design.  Due to their shapes, they can resist a great force.

Rectangular trampolines are more durable and have a greater long life than round trampolines. That’s why its price increases because it works for the long term.

Customers love durable and long-lasting products; no one cares about the price.

The long-lasting durability provides the following benefits to the users

For Experienced Users

Rectangular trampoline is designed for expert and professional users.

Experts buy these trampolines because they provide extra challenge and fun.

Regular trampolines used for beginners are designed for simple and casual bouncing. On the other hand, rectangular trampolines are shaped in such a way that they can provide fun for advanced bouncing techniques and gymnastics. 

The rectangular design is beneficial for users in this way.

  • Great bouncing and jumping experience
  • Provides more space to perform tricks 
  • Facilitates controlled bounce

Complex Frame Design

A rectangular trampoline possesses a complex frame design that connects all the parts and resists great force generated during jumps. 

More time is needed to construct these trampolines because proper engineering skills are needed to design specific shapes. All these make it a STRONG, long-lasting trampoline.

A complex frame provides the following benefits

  • Greater Stability
  • Bearing High Weight 
  • Long Life Durability
  • Resistant to wear and Tear
  • More Safe

Safety with Thicker Mat

The rectangular trampoline’s thicker mat provides safety while jumping and bouncing due to the larger jumping area.  

Additionally, the mat is designed in such a way that it can absorb more force generated during jumps.

Regular round trampolines require no specialized skills and no time for construction. While rectangular trampolines need a specially designed mat that is capable of bearing more force and pressure

A safety mat is beneficial to use on a trampoline because 

  • Provides better shock absorption
  • Offer a more comfortable surface to jump on 
  • Low risk of Bottoming up

Regular trampolines provide the finest bounces of all varieties, but their prices are high. In contrast, round trampolines provide more safety and are cheap. 

So invest in a trampoline that fulfills your requirement

More Features for the Price

You may find the rectangular trampoline more expensive, but believe me, it gives you more features for the price.

  • Provides a larger area for bouncing
  • Facilitates balanced bounce control
  • Best For Tricks 
  • Space-efficient design
  • More stable
  • More Visual appeal with aesthetic design
  • Provides Customization

Therefore, despite being pricier, rectangular trampolines offer more features for the price.

Space-Saving Design

Rectangular trampolines fit more easily in smaller yards because of their space-saving designs.

People choose these trampolines because they have limited outdoor space and want to maximize their available area.

A space-saving design makes them very useful. Here are some reasons 

  • Space is efficiently used
  • Rectangular trampolines possess a compact footprint
  • Fits neatly in landscaping plans
  • It is safer to access because in direct contact with the ground 
  • Provides maximized area play

When deciding between multiple types of trampolines to purchase, consider the difference between round and rectangular trampolines and whether or not you have enough space to accommodate them.

Indoor Use Preference

Rectangular trampoline is a preferable choice for indoor use. On the other hand, Round trampolines are constructed for outdoor usage. 

Additionally, rectangle-shaped trampolines tend to have higher weight limits and offer a greater bounce experience, making them more costly than round trampolines.

Rectangular Trampoline vs Circular Trampoline, Which One is Safest and Why

Round trampolines are safer than rectangular trampolines because of their springs’ regular positioning. While jumping on round trampolines, users feel safe because they are guided toward the center and don’t fall off.

Below are the reasons why circular trampolines are safe

  • Even Bounce distribution to prevent accidents
  • No center gap to reduce the risk of injury
  • Encourage the users to rebounce in the center
  • Less force on the edges due to even force distribution
  • Less complex frame
  • Reduced risks of rebouncing
  • Reduced Jump height for user safety
  • Recommended for beginners

Additionally, if you choose to buy a rectangular trampoline with a net or other safety features, it can further increase the cost.

Pros and Cons of Rectangular Trampoline


  • More jumping space
  • Easier to Fit in Yards
  • Some rectangular trampolines come with basketball hoops for added fun.
  • Provides more stability and durability 
  • Even distribution provides a safer bouncing experience
  • Optimal for Gymnastics and Acrobatics
  • Allow for forward-back motion for routines
  • Look impressive in backyards
  • Mesh walls provide great visibility
  • Padding fully encloses the mat
  • Durable galvanized steel frames


  • Price may be an issue when the budget is low
  • Very heavy and hard to reposition or move
  • Fewer springs can reduce bounce
  • Harder to control rotation or stay centered

However, rectangular trampolines are not as beginner-friendly as round trampolines and do not guide the jumper back to the center of the mat. 

Pros and cons of Circular Trampoline


  • More affordable price
  • The lighter weight makes them portable
  • Easier to control rotation and stay centered
  • Encourages creative bouncing and games
  • Full coil spring setup optimizes bounce
  • Simple round shape with no hard edges
  • Easy to find circular covers and pads
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Compact size great for small yards
  • Classic, iconic trampoline look


  • Less continuous jumping surface area
  • Limited workout and routine options
  • No room for basketball hoops

Finally, round trampolines are cheaper and require less material and effort for manufacturers to build. 

Final Verdict

I know it’s very hard to choose a trampoline when many choices are available. But don’t worry, I will solve your problem.

Choose a round trampoline if you are a beginner with a tight budget. They are safer for beginners and provide an amazing and exciting experience for their users.

Invest in a rectangular trampoline If you are a pro and want to experience a creative jumping style and apply new tricks. Believe me, you will gain such an experience that I can’t describe in words. 

You can try more advanced gymnastic techniques like performing backflips and twists. 

But again, the budget will be the issue because rectangular trampolines require more time and skill to construct.

Final Thoughts

Rectangular trampoline provides fun like basketball hoops and ample rooms for bouncing routines. It needs more costs and skilled people to construct a rectangular trampoline like proper steel framing, padding, and structural lag reinforcement. These added materials and production costs increase trampoline cost.”

So, if you are a pro and don’t worry about the budget, you can go for expensive and professional rectangular trampolines.

However, which one to choose between a rectangular and round trampoline, totally depends upon your budget, preferences, and needs.

Invest in a good trampoline and enjoy Boucing!


What is the difference in materials used for rectangular vs round trampolines?

Rectangular trampolines use reinforced mats on steel frames for concentrated jumping, while round trampolines use softer woven mats with springs for a distributed bounce.

Are rectangular trampolines larger in size on average compared to rounds?

Rectangular trampolines are larger in dimensions than round trampolines. Their increased surface area allows rectangular trampolines to support more weight, typically 300 to 450 pounds.

Do rectangular trampolines require more springs than round to achieve the same bounce?

Round trampolines engage all springs when in use, while rectangular trampolines only engage springs near the jump area.

Is the manufacturing process more complex for rectangular-shaped trampoline frames versus round ones?

Rectangular trampoline assembly takes more time and effort due to increased springs and size, unlike easier round assembly.

Are there fewer suppliers and models available for rectangular trampolines compared to the round varieties?

Round trampolines are commonly used at home; rectangular trampolines are typically found in gyms.

Do rectangular trampolines have more advanced or complex bouncing surfaces?

Jumps on the surface of a rectangular trampoline rebound to an equal height and with equal power across the mat. A round trampoline does not provide uniform bounce on its surface.

Are installation costs typically higher for rectangular trampolines?

Rectangle trampolines definitely cost more to install because their shape demands added support.

Are rectangular trampolines marketed as premium products compared to basic round models?

Round trampolines are less expensive due to easier production from their circular strength and frame.

Do rectangular trampolines have more specialized uses, like athletic training?

Round trampolines are used mostly for recreation, rectangular-suit athletic training, and large families.

Is the perceived value of rectangular trampolines higher for consumers?

Rectangular trampolines provide more jumping area but cost more than basic round trampolines.


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