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How Many Calories Do You Burn on a Trampoline Jumping?

How Many Calories Do You Burn on a Trampoline Jumping?

Jumping on a trampoline is an effective way to burn calories and lose extra fat. 

According to a study by Victor L. Katch at the University of Michigan, a 150-pound person burns 82 calories while jumping on a trampoline for 12 minutes. According to the American Council On Exercise, jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes burns the same calories as running 6 mph(10 km/h). 

The American Council on Exercise studied men and women to know how many calories are burned while trampolining for each gender. While jumping on a trampoline at a certain intensity, men burned 124 calories in 10 minutes, and women burned 94 calories in 10 minutes. The difference in calorie burning is because of mass, mens are more muscular than women, that is why a muscular person jumping on a trampoline burns more fat and calories than a thin person jumping on a trampoline.

What does scientific research say about burning calories on a trampoline?

All Scientific research and studies conclude that jumping on a trampoline (also called rebounding) effectively burns calories. 

A 150-pound (68kg) person burns 82 calories if he jumps on a trampoline for consistently 12 minutes and loses 71 calories for the same time while running on a treadmill. 

(Study by Victor L. Katch at the University of Michigan)

Jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes or running at 6 mph (10 km/h burns the same amount of calories. 

(American Council of Exercise)

According to the ACE study, for moderate jumping activity, trampolining burns up to 12.4 calories per minute (372 calories per 30 minutes). This study explains that a 150 lb (68 kg approx ) person burns 5.5 calories per minute (165 calories in 30 minutes) while jumping moderately on a trampoline.  Calorie burning on the trampoline increases if jumping is performed vigorously. 14.4 calories per minute or 432 calories in 30 minutes are burned in the case of high-intensity trampolining. 

(Research conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Jumping on a trampoline is 68% more beneficial and effective than jogging and demands less effort.

(NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology)

250-325 calories are burned while jumping recreationally on a trampoline. (

According to research by ACE, men, and women were allowed to jump on a trampoline for 10 minutes, and they concluded that men burned 124 calories in 10 minutes of trampoline jumping, and women burned 94 calories in 10 minutes consistently trampolining 

(American Council on Exercise)

According to Pubmed, jumping on rebounders burns 12.4 calories per minute, while ScienceDirect study mentioned that 6.9 calories are burned per minute by a person bouncing on a trampoline. 

(Pubmed Study and ScienceDirect Study)

The number of calories burned by jumping on a trampoline depends on weight, gender, metabolism rate, and many other factors. 

How many calories are burned on a recreational trampoline?

The number of calories burned while jumping on a recreational trampoline depends upon a person’s age, intensity of activity, and the jumping time on the trampoline.

Here’s a breakdown of calories burned based on different weights and times spent jumping on a recreational trampoline:

A person of 120 lb weight burns approximately :

  • 14-17 calories for 5 minutes 
  • 28-33 calories for 10 minutes 
  • 50 calories for 15 minutes 
  • 84-100 calories for 30 minutes 
  • 150 calories for 45 minutes 
  • 200 calories for 60 minutes 

A person of 140 lb weight burns approximately :

  • 19 calories for 5 minutes 
  • 39 calories for 10 minutes 
  • 58 calories for 15 minutes 
  • 117 calories for 30 minutes 
  • 175 calories for 45 minutes 
  • 233 calories for 60 minutes 

A person of 180 lb weight burns approximately :

  • 25 calories for 5 minutes 
  • 50 calories for 10 minutes 
  • 75 calories for 15 minutes 
  • 150 calories for 30 minutes 
  • 225 calories for 45 minutes 
  • 300 calories for 60 minutes 

Burning calories is directly proportional to a person’s weight and duration of jumping. A fat person burns more calories than a skinny person while jumping on a trampoline for the same duration. Also, more calories are burned with increased jumping sessions.

How many calories are burned on a professional trampoline?

More calories are burnt while jumping on professional trampolines, as they are used in gyms and more competitive environments, providing a more fun and thrilling experience. As they are mainly used for sports and competitive situations, users burn more calories while jumping on professional trampolines.

A person weighing 120 lbs burns approximately:

  • 21 calories in 5 minutes
  • 43 calories in 10 minutes
  • 257 calories in 60 minutes

Increasing the weight to 140 lbs, the calorie burn rises to:

  • 25 calories in 5 minutes
  • 50 calories in 10 minutes
  • 300 calories in 60 minutes

Individuals weighing 160 lbs can burn around:

  • 29 calories in 5 minutes
  • 57 calories in 10 minutes
  • 343 calories in 60 minutes

As the weight increases, so does the calorie burn. For those weighing 180 lbs, the calorie burn ranges from:

  • 32 calories in 5 minutes to
  • 386 calories in 45 minutes

Individuals weighing 200 lbs can burn approximately:

  • 36 calories in 5 minutes and
  • 429 calories in 60 minutes

Finally, individuals weighing 220 lbs can burn around:

  • 39 calories in 5 minutes and
  • 472 calories in 60 minutes.

Do You Lose More Calories If You Jump on a Trampoline Competitively for More Time?

Yes, you burn more calories if you jump on a trampoline competitively for more time. Calories burning is directly proportional to jumping duration and trampoline jumping intensity. The greater time with higher intensity means you are using your muscles more, which is why more energy is utilized ( more calories are burned ). 

how many calories do you burn on a trampoline for 10 minutes

According to Livestrong, a 142 lb woman burned 94 calories in 10 minutes of trampoline jumping, and 124 calories were burned by a man having average weight.

(researchers from the American Council on Exercise)

how many calories do you burn on a trampoline for 20 minutes

According to a study conducted and reported by Acon24, a person doing a low-intensity trampoline workout burned 130 calories in 20 minutes, while a person doing a high-intensity workout burned 292 calories in the same amount of time (20 minutes)

How Many Calories Do You Burn Jumping on a Trampoline for 30 Minutes?

According to research by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a person burns 12.4 calories per minute while jumping on a trampoline. So, we can conclude that 372 calories are burned if you jump on a trampoline for 30 minutes.

The same study mentions that a 150-pound weighted person burns up to 5.5 calories per minute while a moderate trampoline workout burns 165 calories in 30 minutes. But 432 calories are burned in 30 minutes while jumping vigorously, and then 14.4 calories are burned per minute.

According to Captain Calculator, an average person burns 125-162.5 calories in a 30-minute trampoline workout. 

According to CalculatorAcademy, while trampolining, 16.6 calories are burned by the average person; at this rate, we can conclude that 500 calories will be burned in 30 minutes. 

How Does Jumping on A Trampoline Burn Calories?

Jumping on a trampoline burns calories through increased heart rate, engagement of multiple muscle groups, metabolic rate, workout intensity, and fitness level.

Your heart rate increases when you start bouncing on a trampoline, which triggers calorie consumption; the more you jump higher and faster, the more your heart rate increases, and as a result, more calories are utilized.

Trampoline jumping requires many muscles, such as legs, back, abdomen, and glutes. You use these muscles while doing ups and downs on the trampoline, which helps burn more calories.

A faster metabolism rate triggers more consumption of calories. Also, the way you perform on the trampoline, smoothly or harshly. More calories are utilized if you are jumping in fast momentum.

Calories burned are also dependent on personal experience and fitness level. A skilled person performing more tricks, using more body muscles, utilizes more calories, and a normal person jumping normally burns fewer calories.

How do you calculate calories lost on a trampoline?

To calculate the calories you burn on a trampoline, use this formula: 

Calories burned per minute=(MET×body weight in Kg×3.5)÷200

Your body weight in kilograms is multiplied by 3.5, then multiplied by 3.5 again, and divided by 200. Multiply this number by the minutes you spend trampolining to get your total calories burned. For instance, a 70 kg person jumping for 30 minutes will burn approximately 367.5 calories.

Here’s what you do:

  • Start with your weight in kilograms.
  • Multiply by the MET value of trampolining, which is 3.5 for casual jumping.
  • Multiply by 3.5 again.
  • Divide by 200 to find the calories burned per minute.
  • Finally, multiply by the total minutes you’ve been bouncing.

So, if you’re jumping for fun and weighing 70 kg, bouncing on the trampoline for half an hour uses a significant amount of energy. The simple math shows that you’ll burn over 350 calories, equivalent to a good gym workout. This accurate method leaves no room for doubt about the calories you’ve lost during your trampoline time.

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Burn More Calories Than Running?

Yes, Jumping on a trampoline burns more calories than running or simple jogging. 

According to the American Council on Exercise, 82 calories were burned by a 150-pound person while jumping on a trampoline, and for the same amount of time, 75 calories were burned while jogging at the speed of 5mph.

In another study by David Wiener, a personal trainer and running specialist, a person utilizes 280-520 calories per 30 minutes, but according to CalculatorAcademy and American Council On Exercise (ACE), 372-500 calories are burned while jumping consistently for 30 minutes.

How Does Jumping on a Trampoline Reduce Fat?

Jumping on a trampoline effectively reduces fat. This activity helps you burn calories and can lead to weight loss. When you jump, your whole body gets a workout. This means your legs, arms, and belly are all moving. As a result, you burn fat from these areas. Trampoline jumping surely helps you get stronger and lose weight if you do it often and eat healthily.

  • Jumping on a trampoline burns calories: Each time you jump, your body uses energy. This helps you lose weight.
  • Full-body workout: When jumping, your legs, arms, and belly move significantly. This helps you build muscle.
  • Increases heart rate: Jumping makes your heart beat faster. This is good for your heart and helps burn more fat.
  • Muscle strength: Bouncing on a trampoline makes your muscles work hard. This helps them get stronger.

When you jump on a trampoline, you can be sure your body is working hard. This kind of exercise, called rebounding, is known to burn many calories. It can even help your metabolism get faster. This means you keep burning calories even after you stop jumping.

The force you feel when you bounce up and down is also good for your muscles. It helps you build them up, which can then help burn fat even quicker. Not only that, but this kind of exercise can also make your heart healthy. The more you jump, the better your heart works and the more fat you can burn.

Plus, jumping on a trampoline is fun, making you want to keep doing it. It’s a sure way to help you lose fat if you keep at it and make healthy food choices.

Is jumping on a trampoline more effective than jogging?

Yes, jumping on a trampoline is more effective than jogging when burning calories and enhancing cardiovascular health.

NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology study discovered that rebounding on a trampoline surpasses jogging by 68% in effectiveness. It provides a superior cardiovascular workout and is also easier on the joints. 

For instance, someone who weighs 150 pounds will use up 82 calories by jumping on a trampoline for 12 minutes, which is more than the 71 calories they would burn by jogging for the same amount of time. 

What are the Best Trampolines For Burning Calories

The best trampoline for burning calories is Stamina Fitness Trampoline 1635, designed to maximize calorie burn and strengthen the lower body. The HIIT Bounce Pro is also ideal for fat burning, and the Maximus Life Bounce & Burn supports quick calorie expenditure with its resilient bounce.

  • Stamina Fitness Trampoline 1635: This trampoline is perfect for calorie-burning workouts. It is built to focus on your fitness goals, particularly targeting the lower body muscles and heart health.
  • HIIT Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline: It is crafted for high-intensity interval training and is known to be effective in fat loss. This trampoline makes getting in shape enjoyable and efficient.
  • Maximus Life Bounce & Burn Foldable Indoor Mini Trampoline: With its easy storage and powerful bounce, you can burn a significant amount of calories, up to hundreds, in a mere 20 minutes daily.

Trampolines like the Stamina Jumpsport and the Glory 48′ Rebounder offer a fun way to work out. They are safe, enjoyable, and excellent for improving cardiovascular fitness and toning various muscle groups. When you use a trampoline, you engage multiple muscles, which is why it’s an effective form of exercise for weight loss and physical fitness. Selecting a trampoline that aligns with your fitness level is crucial to ensure the best results.

Treadmill vs trampoline which burns more calories and why

When comparing a treadmill and a trampoline, jumping on a trampoline burns more calories. This is a clear and certain fact. 

Studies have confirmed that trampolining leads to a higher calorie burn. A person weighing 150 pounds can burn up to 82 calories by jumping on a trampoline for 12 minutes. In contrast, the same person would burn 71 calories running on a treadmill at 5 mph for the same time. 

This data comes from research by the University of Michigan. Additionally, the American Council of Exercise reported that a 20-minute session on a trampoline is equal to running at 6 mph for 20 minutes when it comes to burning calories.

Trampolining is a powerful way to burn calories because it works with gravity. When you bounce at the lowest point, your body weighs three times more. This extra force means your body works harder and burns more calories. Also, trampolining is easier on your body, especially on your joints. This is because the soft surface of the trampoline absorbs most of the impact when you land. This makes it a good choice for people with joint problems or who want to exercise without much impact.

What are the Factors affecting the burning of calories?

Factors such as Body Weight, Intensity of Workout, Duration Of Exercise, Fitness level, Heart Rate, Heart Rate, Metabolism Rate, Gender, and Type of Trampoline influence the number of calories burned during trampoline exercise.

Body Weight

Jumping on a trampoline burns more calories for heavier individuals. An adult weighing 150 pounds will use up about 100 calories after 10 minutes of trampoline activity. 

According to the FitnessVolt Calculator, a 100-pound person jumping on a recreational trampoline burns up to 56 calories. 


71 calories are utilized on the same weight and jumping duration on a competitive trampoline. 


Intensity of Workout

More calories are utilized if the intensity of the workout is increased. According to the American Council on Exercise, men utilize approximately 11.0 calories per minute in a high-intensity workout, while women burn around 8.3 calories per minute. This energy expenditure is comparable to running at a brisk pace of six miles per hour on flat terrain, cycling at 14 miles per hour, or engaging in sports such as American football, basketball, or ultimate Frisbee.

Duration Of Exercise

According to an American Council on Exercise (ACE) study, they concluded that on a mini-trampoline, men burn approximately 12.4 calories per minute, and women burn 9.4 calories per minute. So, we can conclude that for a 10-minute workout, men will burn 124 calories, and women will burn 94 calories. 

According to Holmes Place, a 10-minute workout on a trampoline burns up to 1000 calories per hour, which is more effective than half an hour of running. 

According to Vuly Play, 20-minute trampoline jumping burns the same calories as running 10 kilometers. 

The simplest answer is this, the duration of trampoline jumping burns your calories more.

Fitness level

One important factor that affects the number of calories burned on a trampoline is an individual’s fitness level. Jumping on a trampoline is a good exercise for weight loss, but the intensity and effectiveness of the workout depend on the person’s fitness level.

Those who are more physically fit will generally burn more calories compared to someone who is less fit. It is also important to note that the duration and intensity of the workout play a significant role in calorie burn.

Regular trampoline exercise and a balanced diet can lead to weight loss. However, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen, especially if you have knee issues.

heart Rate

Heart rate directly affects calorie burn on a trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline raises your heart rate and burns more calories. To burn the most calories, do trampoline exercises that make your heart beat fast. These exercises include trampoline classes and high-energy moves like jumps and flips. Trampoline handles help adults stay stable while exercising. You burn more calories and get fit by making your heart work harder.

Metabolism Rate

The metabolism rate determines how quickly calories are consumed in the body. Metabolism is the body’s way of converting what we eat and drink into energy. Numerous elements certainly impact this process, including age, gender, body composition, and how active a person is. Typically, a person with a higher metabolism will use more calories when they’re resting and when they’re active.

As we age, our metabolism reliably decreases. Men usually burn calories faster than women because they have more muscle. Since muscle uses more calories than fat, people with more muscle have a higher metabolism. Being physically active boosts metabolism temporarily, which means more calories are burned. 


Men burn more calories than women, and this is because they usually have more muscle. People with more muscle burn more calories, even when they are resting. This is why men often have a faster metabolism than women. Here are the reasons why this happens:

  • Men generally have more muscle mass.
  • Muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest.
  • Men’s bodies are composed differently from women’s, leading to a naturally higher calorie burn.

For example, if a man and a woman cycle for half an hour, the man typically uses up 30% more calories. This was shown in a study from the Journal of Applied Physiology. But it’s also true that not everyone is the same. How old you are, how much you weigh, and how fit you are can change how many calories you burn.

Type of Trampoline

The type of trampoline you choose will affect how many calories you burn. Here’s why:

  • Mini-trampolines are smaller with less bounce, leading to fewer calories being burned.
  • Larger trampolines offer more bounce, making you work harder and burn more calories.
  • Trampolines with adjustable tension can change how much resistance you feel so you can burn more or fewer calories as needed.

trampoline calories burned calculator

The formula for finding calories burned on a trampoline workout is 

Calories burned per minute=(MET×body weight in Kg×3.5)÷200

To find out how many calories you burn using a trampoline, you can use a special calculator for trampoline exercise. This tool is easy to use. Just put in your weight, how long you bounce, and how hard you work out. It then tells you how many calories you’ve used. This helps you see if trampoline is a good workout for you and helps you set health goals.

  • Weight: Your body weight affects calories burned.
  • Time: How long do you jump on the trampoline?
  • Effort: How intense your workout is.

This calculator determines calories by looking at your body’s energy during different activities. Trampolin jumping uses a number called MET, which stands for the metabolic equivalent of task. MET tells us how much energy an activity uses compared to sitting still.

By entering your details into the calculator, it works out the calories burned. This is useful for knowing how good trampoline jumping is for staying fit. Also, it helps you set goals for your health and fitness.

The calorie count you get from the calculator is a close guess but may not be exactly right for everyone. This is because each person’s body is different. Things like how much muscle you have, how fit you are, and how your body turns food into energy can change the number of calories you burn.


Jumping on a trampoline is indeed an effective way to burn calories. Still, the exact amount depends upon many factors – age, gender, workout intensity, type of trampoline, and workout duration. 

While recreational trampolining may burn around 200-300 calories per hour, professional trampolining can burn up to 800 calories in the same time frame.

You can use a trampoline calories burned calculator to find how many calories you have burned by providing information such as Weight, type of trampoline activity (recreational or competitive ), and time.


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