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Trampoline Removal Methods, Steps, Safety, Advantages, and Services

Trampoline Removal Methods, Steps, Safety, Advantages, and Services

Every family wishes to have a trampoline in their backyard, but what if your trampoline is broken, or becomes dangerous for your kids? Would you keep a trampoline dangerous for your kids or your family members? Personally, I won’t. 

To remove a trampoline from your backyard you have 7 options: sell your trampoline, donate to a welfare trust, recycle the frame properly, repurpose the canvas, hire trampoline removal services, utilize neighbor assistant to haul the trampoline, or store it in a safe place.

A trampoline needs to be removed either it is damaged, worn out, or buying a new one for your yard. For Trampoline Removal, recommends hiring the best trampoline removal service.

What Tools Do You Need to Take apart a Trampoline?

To take apart or remove a trampoline you would need the following tools

ToolsWhat They Do
ScrewdriverHelps unscrew bolts holding the trampoline parts together.
Power DrillMakes unscrewing faster and easier.
WrenchLoosens and removes the nuts and bolts that hold the trampoline frame and legs together.
Spring PullerSafely removes springs without risking injury or damage to the trampoline.
PliersGrip and move small parts like clips or pins.
Rubber MalletGently taps parts to help take them apart without causing any damage.
Safety GlovesProtect hands from sharp edges and springs during disassembly.
Safety GogglesShields eyes from any debris or dust that might fly up while working.
The ladderHelps reach higher parts of the trampoline if needed.
SpannerAnother tool for loosening nuts and bolts.
TowelUsed for cleaning dirt or debris off the trampoline before disassembly.
Waterproof Bag or BoxCollects and stores all the parts after disassembly, so you don’t lose anything.
Heavy-Duty Working GlovesOffers extra protection to your hands while working with heavy parts or sharp edges.

How Many Options You Have to Remove A Trampoline?

There are 7 methods to remove a trampoline from your backyard which are 

  1. Sell your trampoline.
  2. Donate your old trampoline.
  3. Recycle the trampoline frame.
  4. Hire a junk removal company.
  5. Repurpose the canvas.
  6. Seek neighbor assistance.
  7. Store your trampoline.

Sell Your Trampoline to Get Some Money and Buy a New One

Selling your trampoline is the best way to get money and by using that money you can buy a new trampoline for your backyard. Selling is the only option if you are too skeptical like me and don’t want to take any risk. 

I personally sell trampoline after I feel that it can be dangerous for my family. I don’t care about price, or recycling it, as for me my family has more value than materials.

The cost of selling your trampoline depends upon the trampoline’s condition, market demand, and brand. 

Donating Your Old Trampoline to Help Poor Kids Enjoy

You can donate your trampoline to a welfare trust, or needy family so that their kids also use a trampoline for free, to enjoy the same as your kids. 

But don’t donate your trampoline before this checklist

  • The trampoline needs less maintenance to restore its original safety features
  • The trampoline is clean from dirt and debris so that no static shocks are produced while jumping.
  • Fix all the bolts, nuts, and hardware in the proper position.
  • The donated persons should know how to use the trampoline safely.
  • Ensure that the organizations accept trampoline donations or not.
  • Arrange transportation to deliver your trampoline safely at the desired location.
  • Don’t donate your trampoline, if it is dangerous to use.

Recycling the Trampoline Frame to Reduce Waste and Environmental Impact

Trampoline frames should be recycled, because recycling is eco-friendly and reduces waste.

It is easy and cheaper to recycle trampoline frames. Trampolines are made from metals, which helps you to recycle and reshape them into your desired product. While thinking of the cost, less energy is consumed while recycling, rather than creating and producing from a raw metal. 

Recycling your trampoline provides benefits such as

  1. Helps the environment to be clean.
  2. Reserves natural resources 
  3. Increases the trampoline lifespan.
  4. Costs less to recycle a trampoline frame 

Hiring a Junk Removal Company to Safely and Efficiently Dispose of Your Old Trampoline

For complete peace of mind, hire a junk removal company so that your useless trampoline or its accessories are safely disposed of and handled. Taking the services of these professionals provides you with more benefits such as no costs of buying tools, no accidents or safety issues, complete peace of mind, guaranteed work, time-saving, and making your backyard more aesthetically appealing. 

The costs of junk removal companies are varied, and they mainly depend upon factors: trampoline size, location, time and labor required, company brand and reputation, and seasonal factors. 

Hiring junk removal companies is the best solution to remove your trampoline without any hassles and tension.

Repurposing the Canvas From Your Trampoline for Creative DIY Projects or as a Shade Cover for Outdoor Use

While considering reducing waste, and providing a sustainable life by reusing materials, repurpose useless trampoline frames or accessories such as frames, mats, trampoline springs, and canvas fabric. 

It depends upon your creativity, how you can repurpose the canvas, 

Here are some trampoline canvas repurposing ideas

  • Use the metal frame as the framework for a chicken coop.
  • Utilize the metal frame for supporting a small greenhouse structure.
  • Create unique wind chimes or musical instruments from the trampoline springs.
  • Use the springs as hooks for hanging plants or garden tools.
  • Cut the metal frame and use it for fences for your yards.
  • Make DIY jewelry by bending and shaping the trampoline springs.
  • Convert the canvas into a sunshade or hammock for outdoor relaxation.
  • Cut out smaller sections of the canvas to make reusable shopping bags.
  • Use the canvas as a protective cover to make your trampoline safe in extreme weather conditions such as winds or excessive rains.

The benefits of repurposing the canvas of your old trampoline are less cost, designing multiple things, eco-friendly, and a lesson to kids on how to repurpose useless objects rather than throwing them to pollute the environment. 

Neighbour Assistance by Offering Your Old Trampoline to Someone in Your Community Who Might Want It

Informing your neighbors, about your trampoline removal, and asking them whether they need a trampoline or if they know someone who currently needs a trampoline. 

Neighbors can act like multiple hands, and providing you with many tools decreases the costs, and risks chances while removing a trampoline. 

This method is very effective and it helped my neighbor a lot. He was buying a large family-size trampoline and wanted to remove his old one. He asked me whether I needed a trampoline or not. At that time, I already had a trampoline but one of my little kids wanted to use the trampoline alone and didn’t leave his sibling while using a trampoline. So, he sold the trampoline to me at a very reasonable price and was very kind to me.

Approaching your neighbors before removing or selling your trampoline provides benefits such as more social interactions, and helps you to remove your trampoline safely, the task becomes easy when there are multiple hands. 

Store Your Trampoline if None of the Methods Works

Storing your trampoline in somewhere store is the only option, if none of the above methods works, either you are too shy to ask for help, haven’t money to hire a junk removal service or recycle, not have enough creativity to repurpose and don’t want to donate to anybody. 

You can also store your backyard trampoline if you want to repair your trampoline in the future or do whatever when you have some budget. 

While storing your trampoline, make sure to 

What Are the Steps to Remove a Trampoline

There are 4 steps to say goodbye to your old trampoline which are 

  1. Prepare and Clean your trampoline: Ensure to make your trampoline clean. Check your trampoline health and prepare for removal. Recycle if it is in good condition. Otherwise use equipment: safety goggles, Gloves, screwdriver, wrench, and spring puller to take apart all the parts. 
  2. Remove all the Accessories: Now remove all the accessories such as safety nets, springs, padding, or any other extra pieces from the trampoline equipment. Make sure to make yourself safe as the accessories process can harm you if done carelessly.
  3. Folding Mat: Fold the mat after untying the safety pads and disassembling the springs. Go for repair, if your mat is torn or has holes. Fold in your mat in compact way and secure it with a rope or twine.
  4. Disassemble the frame: At last, the frame should be disassembled after removing the safety enclosure and padding and detaching all the springs. Use a screwdriver or wrench to open the screws one by one while disassembling the frame.

What Are the Safety Tips When Removing Your Trampoline

While removing your trampoline, you must pay close attention to the safety tips, before dismantling, during the removal process, after the removal process, and some common safety precautions. 

Before removing your trampoline you should

  1. Check the weather conditions either it is favorable to remove the trampoline safely or not.
  2. Remove all the dirt and barriers to effectively perform your removal process
  3. Ensure safety wearing such as goggles, gloves, and strong shoes to protect yourself from spiking objects.
  4. Consider the trampoline condition, be softer if it is damaged a lot. 
  5. Ask for help, if you haven’t performed the process of dismantling a trampoline
  6. Prepare all the necessary tools such as wrenches, pliers, spring pullers, and screwdrivers.

While in the process of removing your trampoline follow these safety tips:

  • Deal with the trampoline in soft way, don’t use force, and use techniques to work easily and efficiently.
  • Use the right tool for your own task. Don’t use your hands to work, you can injure yourself very severely.
  • Disassemble your trampoline in reverse order of trampoline assembly. Start with the safety net, then the springs, mat, and frame.
  • Take rests, and assistance if you are tired.
  • Focus on the process, and don’t hallucinate, or work while thinking, you will be safe from sharp edges or metal spikes.

After disassembling your trampoline make sure 

  1. Recycle the parts or store them in a dry place
  2. Clean up the mess and dirt
  3. Keep your tools stored or hand them to the person you borrowed from

How You Can Injure if You Are Removing Your Trampoline

You can be injured during the process of removing your trampoline in different ways, injuries from the springs or frames (13% of all injuries ), falling off the trampoline, collision while performing in the team, body parts getting caught in the trampoline body resulting fractures, sprains, and strains. You can hurt your muscles if you are lifting a heavy trampoline by itself, or exposing your body parts to sharp metal pieces that damage your skin. 

What Are the Best Trampoline Removal Services in the USA

The best trampoline removal services in the USA are LoadUp, Trash Wizard, Hometown Dumpster Rental, Junk King, and Airtasker

Trampoline Removal ServiceLocationPrice
LoadUpAll 50 statesStarts at $130
Trash WizardSpecific to TampaFree quotes
Hometown Dumpster RentalAverage $150-$300
Junk KingNationwideFree estimates
AirtaskerLocal service providersFlexible pricing

What Is the Perfect Time or Condition to Remove Your Trampoline From Your Backyard?

You should remove the trampoline from your backyard when your trampoline is damaged to such an extent that it becomes harmful for your family, or you are planning to buy a new (bigger size family pack with enhanced safety features) trampoline for your yard.

On the other hand, the best time to remove your trampoline is daytime, as there is more light to focus and work properly, also you can call an emergency if damage occurs. At night it becomes quite difficult to call the doctor and arrange transport.

Do I Need to Be a Professional to Remove a Trampoline From My Backyard?

No, you don’t need to be professional to remove a trampoline, also you don’t need to call an expert as the trampoline removal process is easily done by an individual. Just clean the trampoline, remove the padded ring, detach the safety nets and poles, remove the springs, fold the mat, and disassemble the frame.

Can the Trampoline Be Removed by One Person or Does It Need More Than One Person?

Yes, the trampoline be removed by one person, and there is no need for another person. It is helpful to have another person to speed up the process. However, the number of individuals needed for trampoline removal depends upon the size and weight. It is easy to remove and lift the ACON mini trampoline by one person, while it needs more than one person if the trampoline is heavy, or is designed or assembled in a complex manner.

How to Transport a Trampoline Without Taking It Apart?

To move your trampoline without breaking it use trampoline wheels, roll the trampoline, and use a truck/trailer or big transport vehicle if the trampoline is too heavy. The purpose of the trampoline can be donating, shifting to a new home, or selling your trampoline. 


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