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5 ways to Repair and Fix Hole in Trampoline Mat

5 ways to Repair and Fix Hole in Trampoline Mat

You can repair and fix a hole in a trampoline mat by these five methods such as applying glue to the edges of hole while placing the patch from beneath, Using Flex Tapes, sealing mat with cloth, sewing trampoline fabric, and seeking professional assistance.

How To Fix A Hole In A Trampoline?

Holes in the trampoline mat contain many risks, including breaking bones, spring failure, legs sticking abnormally in holes, and reducing shock absorbing capacity making the trampoline not suitable to jump.

This post describes 5 methods used to repair and fix holes in trampoline mats, including how to prevent holes, and discusses the drawbacks of trampoline mat holes.

Key Points

  • Repair small trampoline mat holes by cleaning, applying a patch under the hole, gluing the patch down, and letting it dry fully.
  • Use flex tape to seal irregularly shaped trampoline mat holes after cleaning the area. The tape will bond to the mat and seal the hole.
  • For larger 2-4-inch mat holes, sew a UV-resistant patch onto the mat using heavy-duty needles and thread.
  • Temporarily seal holes in the trampoline mat by cleaning, applying adhesive, placing a cloth over the hole, and pressing it down firmly.
  • Hire a professional for effective, long-lasting repairs of significant trampoline damage.
  • High-quality mats are durable, UV-resistant, have evenly distributed strings, and are weather-resistant with a warranty.
  • High-quality trampoline mats provide benefits such as safety, optimal bounce, and longer lifetime.
  • Causes of mat damage are weather, UV rays, improper use, sharp objects, lack of maintenance, and pets.
  • Prevent trampoline mat holes by regular inspection, removing debris, proper footwear, not exceeding weight limits, and jumping in the center.
  • Educate jumpers on techniques, supervise pets, protect them from weather, make quick repairs, and clean consistently.

How to Fix a Hole in A Trampoline Mat [5 Best Ways ]

How to Repair and Fix Hole in Trampoline Mat

You can use these 5 methods such as patching holes with glue, using flex tapes, sewing trampoline fabric for larger holes, sealing the mat with cloth, and professional trampoline mat repair services.

Patching Holes With Glue

Adhesive patches and glue are used to repair trampoline mat holes when there are smaller rips and holes in the mat.

These steps are used for trampoline hole repair

  • Use Isopropyl alcohol to clean the surface around and below the hole 
  • Remove the dirt or grease which makes the adhesive not work properly 
  • Make sure use to cut out patches larger than the hole
  • Place the Patch below the hole, then apply trampoline repair glue on top so that the patch can absorb it from underneath.
  • Wait for 12 hours to dry.

Using the glue method for trampoline patch repair works when the mat hole is less than 1.5 inches.

Using Flex Tapes for Trampoline Mat Repair

Using Flex Tapes For Trampoline Mat Repair

The process of using Flex Tape to repair a trampoline mat involves patching, bonding, sealing, and repairing the hole.

The tape’s strong adhesive bonds with the material of the mat, effectively sealing the hole and preventing it from expanding. This not only repairs the damage but also helps to restore the mat’s original bounce and performance.

For a durable trampoline mat repair, use high-quality flex tapes such as gorilla tapes, seal tape, or a trampoline mat repair kit. The kits contain all the necessary tools like flex tapes, and instructions to fix trampoline mat holes.

Flex Tape is an ideal solution for patching up irregularly shaped holes in a trampoline mat because it is used to patch, bond, seal, and repair everything, including the trampoline.

It is specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object.

Sewing Trampoline Fabric for Larger Holes

Sewing Trampoline Fabric to fix hole in trampolne mat

If there exists a larger hole (hole size more than 2 inches and less than 4 inches), you should use the sewing technique to fix trampoline mat fabric holes.

In this technique, UV-resistant threads and industrial-grade needles are used to sew patches onto the mat. 

This method is a highly effective technique for trampoline mat hole repair, which ensures longer and longer work.

Sealing the Mat With Cloth

Sealing the trampoline Mat With Cloth to fix hole in trampoline mat

Sealing the math with Cloth is the perfect choice for you If you want a temporary solution to repair a trampoline hole. By using this method, you can easily fix your mat tear quickly while waiting for a permanent solution, which will take more time.

Follow this process for fixing the trampoline mat hole using a sealing Mat with a cloth.

  • Remove the dirt from the hole and its surrounding 
  • Add some high-quality, durable adhesive ( of your own choice ) 
  • Place the fabric cloth and wait for some time to dry.
  • Press down firmly to ensure proper adhesion.

Note: This method provides a temporary solution for holes in your trampoline mat but if you want a more durable fix, you should consider a trampoline mat repair kit or take the services of a professional trampoline repair expert.

Professional Trampoline Mat Repair

Professional trampoline mat repair services ensure an effective and durable solution to your torn or damaged trampoline mat. 

We would recommend hiring a professional expert having extensive knowledge of repairing trampoline mats including identifying and addressing different types of mat holes and damage. 

What Should Contain A Quality Trampoline Mat

A quality trampoline mat results in a safe, enjoyable, and long-lasting trampoline experience. A mat designed with precision and durability provides a sturdy surface for jumping and bouncing activities. 

A quality trampoline mat should have these specifications

  • Made of durable materials
  • Should be UV-resistant to prevent fading and deterioration in sunlight exposure
  • It must have secure attachment points. Contain even string distribution. 
  • It should be weather-resistant and resist water, humidity, and extreme temperatures.
  • Must contain safety measures
  • Comes up with a warranty to build customer trust 

What are the Benefits of Quality Trampoline Mat?

A high-quality and expensive trampoline mat is beneficial for its owners. Users can gain the following seven benefits if they use the proper mat:

  • Low accident and risk issues 
  • Users experience comfortable landings, reducing strain on joints
  • Optimal and balanced bounce due to the mat’s proper elasticity and tension
  • Quality mats work for a long time 
  • Users can play on the mat with confidence and accuracy
  • Proper trampoline mats of high quality provide peace of mind so they experience tension-free and enjoyable moments.
  • A quality trampoline comes up in aesthetics design, enhancing user experience 

What are the Common Causes of Trampoline Mat Damage?

A damaged trampoline mat causes a bad user experience and results in an accident. It affects the overall enjoyment of the user and the safety of the equipment. 

There are many causes of trampoline damage, including 

  • Extreme weathers
  • UV rays
  • Improper use
  • Sharp objects
  • Lack of maintenance 
  • Pets
  • Incorrect installation
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Aging

Extreme Weathers

A trampoline mat is easily damaged in extreme weather like prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain, weakening the mat’s fiber


Ultra-violet rays make the mat’s material worse, making them more brittle, faded, and tear

Improper Use

Improper use of any object badly affects its durability and longevity. A trampoline mat is damaged because of jumping off the edges (rather in the middle) exceeding weight limits, and involving rough plays.

Sharp Objects Rubbing against the mat surface

Knives, shoes with hard soles, and jewelry are also responsible for damaging and tearing the mat.

Lack of maintenance 

Proper cleaning and inspecting for damages like small holes or fading should be needed to make a trampoline mat more durable. 

Pets with sharp claws can damage the mat

Allowing pets with sharp claws causes damage to the mat while playing on the trampoline

Incorrect installation disturbs Mat Durability

A mat with incorrect installation, like poorly attached springs or improper assembly, strains the mat and damages the newly durable mat very soon.  

Abrasive cleaning degrades the performance

Harsh cleaning methods like the use of hard cleaning agents or abrasive tools easily degrade the mat’s performance, making it brittle and faded

Aging causes Performance decrease

After excessive use for a long time, mat quality and performance is automatically reduced. A mat downgrades its strength and integrity with time. 

How to Prevent Trampoline Mat Holes

Proper care and proactive measures should be implemented for the longevity and safety of trampoline mats. If you want to enjoy a safe bouncing experience by extending mat life follow these practices

Regular checkup and Inspection 

Regularly check the mat for wear and tear, small tears, weak spots, or fraying edges.

Remove Debris

Your trampoline mat should be clean of leaves, sticks, spikes, or any debris that damages your mat while rubbing against the surface

Use Flat Feet Shoes or shoes with no hard soles

Make sure to use flat feet shoes, having no hard spiky soles while jumping on the mat. If you want extra care, then try to jump barefoot to minimize the risk and maximize your bouncing experience

Don’t Exceed the Weight Limit

Carefully stick to the weight limit specified by your trampoline model. Don’t overload the mat with excessive weight by affecting your jumping journey badly.

Jump in the center rather than in the edges

Make sure to jump yourself and encourage others to stay in the center of the mat. This evenly distributes the impact and reduces the strain on specific areas, making your trampoline mat work longer

Educate Users “how to use”

Properly train and educate the users on jumping techniques to avoid extra useless strain on the mat. Encourage them to play smoothly and wisely to keep themselves safe and mat more durable.

Supervise the Pets by trimming their claws

Trim the pet claws before allowing them on the trampoline. Pets with slow or minimized claws ensure the safety of the trampoline

Protect From Excessive Conditions and Proper storage

Make sure to protect your trampoline in harsh weather situations like excessive rain, high temperatures, and excessive sunlight. You can use a protective cover outside or simply store the trampoline indoors to keep it safe from UV and sun rays

Quick repairs, even if the hole is minor

If you notice a small tear or puncture, address it quickly by using proper patching materials to prevent them from expanding 

Regular Cleaning Consistently

Properly take care of your mat regularly by making it clean. A clean trampoline works best and is longer than a dirty trampoline because dirt and grime accelerate wear and tear

Final Thoughts

If you want your trampoline mat safety and durability, make sure to keep it safe from harsh weather and improper jumping, remove the dirt, use flat feet shoes, and properly take care of the weight the trampoline mat can bear

For trampoline hole repair, you should quickly fix it by using these five methods: patching the hole with glue, using flex tapes, sewing trampoline fabric if the holes are larger, and sealing the mat with cloth. Also, you can get the services of a professional trampoline mat repair expert. 

Repairing a trampoline mat hole properly and effectively not only guarantees durability but also provides a safe jumping and bouncing environment for its users.

Last but not least, a high-quality and effective trampoline is the cause of your happiness, fun, and fitness. You can enjoy a happy family time so make sure to invest in a trampoline that fits your requirements, budget, and the most important things like safety and durability.


How do you fix a rip in a trampoline mat?

You can use a patch kit specially designed for trampoline mat repair. To fix the trampoline mat tears or rips, first clean the area, then apply a strong adhesive from the patch kit to patch the trampoline hole.

Can you replace the trampoline mat?

Yes, you can replace a trampoline mat. Purchase the correct size by measuring your trampoline diameter. Remove the old mat by detaching the springs or fasteners.

How do you replace a trampoline pad?

To replace a trampoline pad, follow these four steps such as detach the old pad, clean the frame, position and align the new pad, and then reattach the springs evenly across the frame

How do you fix a trampoline spring?

To fix a trampoline spring, detach the broken spring with pliers, replace it with a new identical spring, and reattach the new spring to the anchor points using pliers per the manufacturer’s instructions after first stabilizing the trampoline.


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