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How to choose right size trampoline for kids (The best trampoline size for your Kids)

How to choose right size trampoline for kids (The best trampoline size for your Kids)

8ft or 10ft Trampolines are best for kids having a small backyard. 10ft trampolines are best for kids and adults and suitable for average-size yards. A medium-sized (10-foot) trampoline is better for families with one or two older children (6 to 10). 12-14ft Trampolines (more flexible) are recommended for users more than 10 years old. 

Best trampoline size for your Kids

Buying a quality and perfect size trampoline for your kids provides you many benefits such as kids safety, greater lifespan of trampoline, beautifying backyard, increased kids interest, and greater return on investment for your kids happiness.

This article explains are best trampoline sizes for your kids and what factors to consider to choose the right size trampoline for your kids.

How to choose the right size trampoline for kids?

On the basis of age, below are perfect-size trampolines for your kids.

Age RangeSize Recommendation
1-3 years oldMini Trampoline
4 years oldMini Trampoline to 6ft Trampoline
5-7 years old6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline
8-10 years old9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
11-16 years old12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
Best and Recommended Size Trampoline for Your Kids

What Occurs When You Choose a Wrong Trampoline Size

Investing in a wrong-sized trampoline is a completely headache. Below are some consequences of buying a wrong-sized trampoline.

  • Risk of falling on small trampoline.
  • Difficult to use if trampoline is too large.
  • The trampoline does not fit in your backyard because of its size.
  • Buying a wrong-sized trampoline means wasting your money.
  • The Trampoline is unable to resist the weight of jumpers.
  • No one use the trampoline if it is not according to the kids requirements and needs.
  • Wrong-sized trampoline mat wears off and the springs are disassembled if used properly.

What trampoline sizes are available in the market?

Before choosing the right sized trampoline for your kids let’s first know what sizes of trampoline are available in the market.

Small Sized Trampoline

The small trampolines come in two sizes: one is 6ft,  and another is 8ft.

The smallest 6ft trampolines are best for a small-spaced backyard for children of age 5-7 years.

The 8ft smaller trampolines are a little higher than the smallest trampolines and are fit to use in a small backyard and for kids aged 7-10 years.

Medium Sized Trampolines  

The medium-sized trampolines has two sizes such as 10ft and 12ft trampolines.

10ft trampolines are used by adults and kids both for average-sized backyard size and is best for Mainly of ages 8-10 years old. 

While the second medium-sized 12ft trampolines are fit for ages 11-16 and are used for bigger backyards

Large Sized Trampolines 

14 foot trampolines are used in bigger backyards having more space by jumpers of all ages.

16fit trampolines, which are commonly used by larger families needing more jumping space to make more fun collectively.

Choosing the Best Size Trampoline for Your Kid

Investing in the right-sized trampoline is the reason for your kids happiness and safety.

While choosing the best trampoline size to make your kids safe and prosperous consider these four factors.

Who Will Use Trampoline

Before buying a trampoline, ask yourself “Who will use this trampoline”? 

First of all, understand the proper age of your kid to use trampoline 

It is recommended that don’t let your kids under 6 years jump on the trampoline for safety reasons

But if you are letting them, please do consider adult supervision.

Buy a mini-trampoline if your kids are between 1-3 years old.

For a 4-years old kid, Mini Trampoline to 6ft Trampoline is recommended.

For 5-7 years old kids, 6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline  is recommended.

For 8-10 years old kids, 9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline is recommended.

For 11-16 years old kids, 12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline is recommended.

Check Backyard’s Available Space To Fit in Trampoline

Consider measuring your backyard and check for available space before looking for a trampoline. 

If you are buying a 10ft trampoline make sure to have enough space so that the trampoline can be easily installed and kids can play and gather around the trampoline. 

Proper Clearance

Once you confirm that the trampoline you are buying is fit for your backyard, maintain 1-2 meters of proper clearance.

The importance of 1-2 meters clearance is that it prevents collisions with different objects in the garden like fences, trees, and other heavy objects that are hard to displace.

Number of Kids Using Trampoline

Consider buying a larger model trampoline, if you expect many kids on the trampoline, or kids want their friends to be also on the trampoline.

For your kid and trampoline safety, every trampoline is manufactured for a specific number of users. So before buying make sure to consider how many kids will use the trampoline.

It is recommended to allow one kid at a time on the trampoline for safety reasons.

A small trampoline is best if you have only one kid that will use a trampoline. So you shouldn’t allow others while your kids in on trampoline.

Sizes of Trampoline Available in the Market

There are four trampoline sizes such as round, rectangular, oval, and square available in the market.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Round Trampoline Sizes

Round trampolines are available in the following sizes in the market

Size in feetSize in centimetersSize in meters
4.6 feet140 centimeters1.4 meters.
6 feet183 centimeters1.83 meters
6.5 feet200 centimeters2 meters
8 feet244 centimeters2.44 meters
8.3 feet253 centimeters2.53 meters
9 feet270 centimeters2.7 meters
10 feet305 centimeters3.05 meters
12 feet366 centimeters3.66 meters
12.5 feet380 centimeters3.8 meters
13 feet396 centimeters3.96 meters
14 feet430 centimeters4.3 meters
Sizes of Trampoline Available in the Market

Rectangular Trampoline Sizes

The sizes of rectangular trampolines available in the market are : 

Rectangular Trampoline Sizes
Size in feetSize in centimetersSize in meters
5 x 7 feet153 x 214 centimeters1.53 x 2.14 meters
7 x 10 feet214 x 305 centimeters2.14 x 3.05 meters
7 x 12 feet214 x 366 centimeters2.14 x 3.66 meters
8 x 12 feet244 x 366 centimeters2.44 x 3.66 meters
8 x 14 feet244 x 427 centimeters2.44 x 4.27 meters
9 x 6 feet280 x 190 centimeters2.8 x 1.9 meters
9 x 15 feet275 x 458 centimeters2.75 x 4.58 meters
11 x 7 feet330 x 220 centimeters3.3 x 2.2 meters
13 x 8 feet410 x 250 centimeters4.1 x 2.5 meters
16,4 x 9,10 feet500 x 300 centimeters5 x 3 meters
10 x 17 feet305 x 519 centimeters3.05 x 5.19 meters
9 x 12 feet294 x 366 centimeters2.94 x 3.66 meters
6 x 9 feet198 x 294 centimeters1.98 x 2.94 meters
12 x 13 feet366 x 414 centimeters3.66 x 4.14 meters
Rectangular Trampoline Sizes Available in the Market

Oval Trampoline Sizes

Oval trampolines come in following sizes: 

Oval Trampoline Sizes
Size in CentimeterSize in FeetSize in Meters
350 x 250 centimeters8,2 x 11,6 feet3.5 x 2.5 meters
470 x 310 centimeters15,5 x 10,2 feet4.7 x 3.1 meters
520 x 345 centimeters17 x 11,4 feet5.2 x 3.45 meters
240 x 340 centimeters8 x 11 feet2.4 x 3.4 meters
240 x 400 centimeters8 x 13 feet2.4 x 4 meters
Oval Trampoline Sizes Available in the Market

Square Trampoline Sizes

The square-sized trampolines are:

Square Trampoline Sizes
Size in feetSize in centimetersSize in meters
11 x 11 feet340 x 340 centimeters3.4 x 3.4 meters
6 x 6 feet198 x 198 centimeters1.98 x 1.98 meters
9 x 9 feet294 x 294 centimeters2.94 x 2.94 meters
12 x 12 feet366 x 366 centimeters3.66 x 3.66 meters
Square Trampoline Sizes Available in the Market

What is the Best Size Trampoline for You ( Choosing a Trampoline by Size )

This table completely explains how to choose the optimal size trampoline for your kids on the basis of their age and yard dimension.

Trampoline SizeBest ForExplanation
4-6 feetOlder children, small yards, and patiosGreat size for small kids for jumping. Easily fits in small spaces.
6-8 feetBouncy is fun for active older kids. Requires a large area.More jumping space as kids grow. Still fits in small areas.
9-11 feetMedium yards with spaceProvides room to bounce and play. Needs a medium garden.
12.5-14 feetBig yards and older kidsBouncy fun for active older kids. Requires a large area.
14+ feetVery large yards, energetic kidsHuge and ultra bouncy. Essential for big backyards.
What is the Best Size Trampoline for Your Kids

Factors Affecting the Trampoline Price

The price of each trampoline is not fixed because it is affected by these four factors such as

  • Trampoline Size.
  • Trampoline Shape.
  • Safety Features.
  • Manufacturing Materials.

Size of trampoline – Large Size Trampolines Cost More:

Small trampolines are cheaper while larger-size trampolines are costly. Bigger trampoline costs more because they need more materials and more effort to manufacture

Trampoline Shape – Round Trampoline are Cheaper than Rectangular Trampolines

Each trampoline shape is manufactured for its intended use and purpose.

Round trampolines cost less and are best for single jumpers.

Oval Trampolines provide more jumping areas for multiple jumpers.

Rectangular trampolines are more costly than round and oval trampolines. 

Professional gymnasts mainly use a rectangular trampoline to get more surface area and more powerful bounce.

Safety Features – Don’t Compromise On Safety Features 

Some basic trampolines come with fewer safety features and they are cheap. 

More safety features mean more prices for your safety.  The safety features include an enclosure system, rust-resistant springs, frames, and shock-absorbing pads.

Don’t buy a cheap trampoline to compromise your or your kids’ safety.

Material Used In Trampoline Manufacturing

A well-reputed branded manufacturer uses high-quality materials such as Perpatron polypropylene and Galvanized steel to manufacture a trampoline to make it more durable and safe. 

That’s why branded trampolines are costly.

Some local companies use low-quality materials such as cheap fabrics, low-grade steel, and nylon to attract more customers, but they are not safe

So don’t put your kid’s life in danger while buying a cheap trampoline.

Final Thoughts

While choosing a perfect trampoline for your child, you need to consider these 4 most important factors such as age, space in the backyard, number of kids using a trampoline, and safety features.

You should keep a balance while choosing size, bounce, and budget. Before investing in a trampoline first measure your backyard and check for proper clearance for safety reasons.

Buying bigger trampolines for kids is not always better. 

Purchase a trampoline ensuring safety features like padded frames and enclosure nets, frames, and shock-absorbing pads.

Don’t become a fool buying a cheaper low-quality trampoline to save money and risk your kids’ lives. 

After considering the above four factors, you can find a reasonably-priced trampoline that provides a fun and safe play space for your family. 

You made your money in the right place, when you see your kids jumping, having pure joy and a cute smile on their face.


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