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How to Mow Grass Under Trampoline, Different Tools, Importance

How to Mow Grass Under Trampoline, Different Tools, Importance

You know what? When we’re out there on the trampoline, we’re in our own world of fun. The last thing we think about is lawn care and maintenance. It’s a bit annoying when someone interrupts our trampoline time to ask us to cut the grass or take a break. We’ll get off the trampoline when we feel like it, right? Because that’s where the real excitement is!

But that is wrong. Lawn caring is more necessary than bouncing on a trampoline. You will have increased fun with more safety ( yours and trampoline both).  But what about the pesky grass under the trampoline? Don’t be afraid, take a deep breath and be ready to either move the trampoline or get inside the trampoline. Use special equipment to cut the grass, be sure to make yourself safe, and don’t injure yourself. After mowing the grass, clean up the area, and that was all about making your grass low and healthy. 

You can use different tools such as Shears, Lawn Edgers, Hedge Trimmer, Grass Whippers, and many more which I will discuss further. 

You, your trampoline and your environment get more benefits by making your grass short, you get increased safe bounce while jumping, the trampoline becomes more stable on low grass, and no pests or insects are attracted to short grass.

What things do I need to have before mowing a trampoline

To mow the grass under the trampoline, you must have safety goggles for eye protection, a wide area to move the trampoline ( if possible), and a proper lawn mower ( choose according to your needs).

Wear safety goggles, as your eyes can be damaged if dirt or debris moves towards your eyes. You must select a wide and clear area with no obstacles to move the trampoline to avoid any safety issues. Also, choose the best lawn mower tool according to your needs and desires. 

And let’s get started with the stepwise guide to cut grass under the trampoline

Step-by-step guide to mowing the grass under the trampoline

The process of mowing grass under the trampoline is very simple.

  • First of all access the area to cut the grass, either getting inside or moving your trampoline.
  • Ensure that the area is clean and safe ( run away from insects, snakes, or any small animals). 
  • Cut the grass using the right tool, then clean the area and throw all the mowed grass into a safe area. 
  • At last, observe the grass growth after some time, to keep them maintained.

Now let’s explain each method in complete detail

Access the Grass area

First of all, you need to get to that area where the grass is grown irregularly, being a burden for your lawn. Now there are multiple methods to access the grass.

You can get to that area by dragging or lifting your trampoline to the side. For that, you would need some hands if the trampoline is heavy.

Sometimes there will be no one, so you have to displace it by yourself. Bend your knees to lift the trampoline, don’t bend your waist. 

You can easily move if the trampoline is circular rather than rectangular or larger trampolines. It would be easy to move if it has wheels to its legs, but adding a wheel is a little bit costly, and hard at the first time. 

In simple words, you have to drag it by yourself or by taking the help of your family members or neighbours. It will make the area clear for you to cut the grass. 

For anchored trampolines, untie the connections before moving them. 

The second way to access the area is to get inside the trampoline, without moving the trampoline. 

Some people may find this method helpful but people having back injuries, limited mobility and other health issues should not try this method.

This method is helpful for those, who can’t drag or displace heavy trampolines, so to save time, they get under the trampoline.

Consider the use of padding for your elbows and knees to prevent discomfort and potential abrasions while crawling beneath the trampoline.

Prepare the area

After getting to the area below the trampoline, you must prepare the grass area you want to mow. 

Now what is preparing? 

Preparing means that you remove all the waste and debris that create hurdles to cut the grass. 

Also use a stick to move in the tall grass to identify dangerous living species such as snakes, mice, scorpions, or any dangerous species that are away. They can either be killed or can damage you. Contact the local authorities to safely relocate these species rather than killing them.

Identify the grass, and plan to cut them if they are long enough to provide a safe shelter to dangerous reptiles, also levelling your grass low makes your grass more healthy and growing faster. 

Choose the Right Tool

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” (Abraham Lincoln)

The same is the case with the right tool. Selecting the right tool makes it easy for you to finish your job in less time with greater accuracy and efficiency. 

Now which type of tool you should use to cut the grass, as the market is full of multi-purpose grass-cutting tools 

Let me make it simple using a table.

ToolBest forIdeal Lawn ConditionRecommended for
Lawn Mower with Adjustable HandlesMowing under trampolines without moving themRegularly maintained lawns with moderate grass heightUsers who can manually operate a lawn mower and have the physical ability to adjust the handles
Robot Lawn MowerMowing under trampolines without manual laborLawns with short to moderate grass height, relatively flat terrainUsers who prefer automated solutions and are willing to invest in technology
ScytheCutting tall grass under trampolinesOvergrown lawns with tall grassUsers who are comfortable with manual labor and can safely handle a scythe
Weed Whacker (String Trimmer)Reaching areas under the trampoline with easeLawns with moderate grass height and hard-to-reach areasUsers who need to trim grass in tight spaces
Grass WhipperCutting grass in small areas under trampolinesSmall patches of tall grassUsers who prefer manual tools and have small areas to maintain
Sod CutterRemoving grass under trampolinesLawns where grass needs to be completely removedUsers who want to remove grass entirely, such as for landscaping projects
Lawn EdgerCreating clean edges around the trampolineLawns that need clean, precise edgesUsers who value aesthetics and want clean lines around their trampoline
Hedge TrimmerTrimming hedges around the trampolineLawns with hedges or shrubs around the trampolineUsers who have hedges or shrubs to maintain
GravelPreventing grass growth under trampolinesAreas under the trampoline where grass growth is not desiredUsers who prefer low-maintenance solutions and do not want grass under their trampoline
Multiple types of tools you can use for cutting grass

Cut the Grass

After getting information about the right tool for specific conditions, mow your grass using the proper tool according to your desire and specific conditions. 

For example, you can try Scythe if the grass is tall, otherwise, lawn mowers with adjustable handles are the best options for regular maintenance. 

While cutting the grass under the trampoline, you should follow some safety precautions which are

  1. Shield your eyes from flying debris by wearing safety Goggles
  2. Use the tool according to its limit. Be steady while using manual tools -shears, scythe, otherwise ensure to charge battery, or fuel properly to use powered tools.
  3. Cut down all the grass under the trampoline, and mow the grass evenly and thoroughly to prevent potential pest habits or snakes sheltering under the trampoline.
  4. Properly dispose of grass clipping. Either compost the soil or bag it. 
  5. Observe once again to ensure that all the grass is cut evenly, to look more aesthetically appealing.  

What to do after mowing your grass

Maintain the grass, take care of its water, and have proper sunlight so the grass does not die under the trampoline

Observe their growth, and maintain their growth by fulfilling their all needs – water, sunlight, and air. 

To make them healthier, cut them periodically to grow faster. 

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, water the grass every four to eight days. Simply grass needs 1 inch of water per week but this is not a universal truth, the amount of water needed depends upon the soil type. Water your lawn 1-2 times a week rather than watering it frequently. 

According to RHS, “Most species of turf grass require four to six hours of full sun each day to grow well”. According to Sciencing, “The average sunlight for grassland areas is around 10.95 hours, and worldwide averages from the U.S”. 

Naval Observatory suggests that the global average of sunlight in the grassland biome is approximately 11.86 hours.

According to Greengroupcompanies, “Aeration can improve air circulation by allowing oxygen and other essential nutrients to reach the roots of your grass”. They further mention that this process is particularly beneficial for lawns that experience a lot of foot traffic or have heavy clay soil, as these conditions are more prone to compaction.

According to Theturfgrassgroup “A well-fertilized lawn is less likely to be damaged by pests and diseases.” they further mention that “lawns need three primary nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. These nutrients are found in fertilizers and help to promote healthy growth.”

Why mowing your grass below the trampoline is extremely necessary

Yes, mowing your grass below the trampoline is necessary. The reasons are user safety, trampoline safety and environment safety. 

Users get more safe if the grass is low and mowed properly and evenly. They won’t fear any dangerous species in the grass, especially harming kids and elders. Also while getting on the trampoline or off the trampoline, they can fall on the ground, because they can’t estimate height because of heighted grass. Sometimes the trampoline loses its bounciness because of tall grass grown under it, as a result, users are not having so much fun, and they lose attraction towards the trampoline.

Keeping grass mowed makes the trampoline more durable and stable.

The trampoline gets rusted because of standing water in the dense tall grass. This makes trampoline not safe to use and they can break at any time causing serious trampoline risks. On small evenly mowed grass trampolines are installed with stability ensuring safe use. 

Levelling your grass in limits probably benefits the environment by making your lawn free of pests and rodents. You won’t use any pesticide or spray to kill the harmful residents in the tall grass, which ultimately harms the environment. 

What are the best ways to cut the lawn under the trampoline 

The best way to cut the lawn grass underneath the trampoline is using a Robot lawn mower. This is my favorite tested method and I recommend it to everybody. 

The reasons why I love using a Robot Lawnmower are 

  • No manual work is needed: Cut the entire lawn without any manual work
  • Even Cutting: Mow the grass with guaranteed evenly and consistently. 
  • Safe to Use: Keeps you safe and free, as it cuts the grass without needing your intervention.
  • Long-Term Effective: Don’t need any fuel, as they operate on batteries. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Perform silently without emission, making them more eco-friendly 
  • No Extreme Maintenance is needed: No need for extra maintenance, like oil changes, spark plug replacements, or carburettor adjustments. 

I proudly say that I own a Husqvarna Automower 415X Robotic Lawn Mower. This lawn mower is completely time-saving for me. I engage in my other activities after setting it up. I even forget about the lawn, as it takes care of the grass for me, making me more focused on my important stuff. It is like telling your loyal friend to perform a task for you, and a friend accomplishing your task in such an excellent manner that you can’t believe it. I love this method, as I don’t need to be there as my friend Husqvarna Automower is there to handle all the problems.

Final Thoughts

No one bores while jumping on a trampoline. But what about your situation, when you can’t use the trampoline either it has lost bounciness, or beneath it, there are dangerous species, or the trampoline has started rusting. The above-all issues arise from not mowing your grass regularly under the trampoline. 

Don’t consider cutting the grass as a waste, as you are providing more beauty to your lawn and making yourself and your trampoline extremely safe and secure. 

Use the above method to keep the grass at level and maintain its health. With short grass, not only your environment is beneficial but the lawn looks more appealing and you enjoy the real bouncing experience without any worries.


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