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Bungee Trampolines: Dimensions, Safety, Accidents, Costs, and DIY Tips

Bungee Trampolines: Dimensions, Safety, Accidents,  Costs, and DIY Tips

Bungee trampolines are fun attractions where you can jump high with the help of bungee cords. You often see them at fairs and resorts. Bungee trampolines have become popular all over the world. They are safe when you use harnesses and strong bungee cords. You can find bungee trampolines at places like fairs, shopping centers, camps, beaches, ships, and mountain resorts.

The Dangerous Sports Club at the University of Bristol created bungee jumping in the 1970s. They first jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1979. The idea came from a traditional jumping ritual in Vanuatu.

Let’s talk more about bungee trampolines, their dimensions, safety for kids/adults, risks, prices, places to buy, and comparison with other types of trampolines.

what are the dimensions/size of Bungee trampolines

The dimensions of bungee trampolines change with the brand and model. Let’s know about some models and their dimensions

  • 2in1 Eurojumper Standard: 4m long, 2m wide, 1.5m high. It needs 14m x 4m space.
  • Stationary Bungee Trampoline by ViPA-Inflatables: 9m x 9m x 7m.
  • 4 Station Euro Bungee Trampoline: 35ft diameter, 24ft tall. It requires a setup area of 40ft in diameter.
  • New Bungee Trampoline System by Bungee Supply Company: 30ft x 30ft x 30ft with a height of over 20 feet.

Safety is key for bungee trampolines. They must spread out the jumper’s weight to avoid accidents. There are weight limits to keep the trampoline safe.

Taking care of bungee trampolines means checking and fixing them often. This keeps them safe to use. 

Look at the straps, motors, and other parts for any wear.

What is the Weight, height, and Weight-limit of a bungee trampoline

A bungee trampoline’s height range from 8 meters (about 26 feet) to various other sizes. The weight limit for users typically falls between 76 kg (around 168 lbs) and 136 kg (approximately 300 lbs). These limits ensure the trampoline is used safely.

  • Height: 8 meters (26 feet) and more
  • Weight limit: 76 kg to 136 kg (168 to 300 lbs)

Using a bungee trampoline safely means:

  • Follow all operator instructions
  • Wear safety gear like harnesses and helmets
  • Check the trampoline is in good condition

Bungee trampolining is fun and has health benefits. It improves heart health, coordination, and muscle strength. To avoid injury, always use the trampoline as directed and wear the correct safety equipment. Make sure the trampoline is safe and well-kept. By doing this, you will have a great time and stay safe.

Do bungee trampolines provide safety for Kids and Adults

Kids shouldn’t use Bungee trampolines because they are not 100% safe as other trampolines such as backyard trampolines are. These trampolines are safe for adults when safety rules are followed. 

These rules include 

  • checking the equipment often
  • training staff properly
  • keeping to the weight and height limits. 

These steps help prevent accidents.

Bungee trampolines also help with fitness. They work many muscles by burning more calories, improving heart health, and making you more flexible and balanced. They are different from regular trampolines because the bungee cords let you bounce higher and do flips, which makes it more fun.

How Dangerous Is to Bungee Trampolining

Bungee trampolining is not safe and users (mainly kids) will get serious injuries and accidents while using them. Two major accidents happened while using bungee trampolines as the following

Accident Number 1 

“A 9-year-old girl’s day of fun took a terrifying turn at the Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville, Alabama. While enjoying the Mall Jump bungee trampoline attraction, the bungee cord snapped, sending her crashing to the trampoline’s edge and then to the floor. Fortunately, she escaped without injuries, but the incident prompted concerned onlookers to share warnings on Facebook. Alisa Crutcher, the girl’s mother, expressed her concern on social media, emphasizing the need for improved maintenance. Despite a waiver sign at the attraction, Crutcher claims she was not contacted by the mall or Mall Jump. The mall stated that the operator would remain closed until repairs were completed. Reflecting on the incident, Crutcher considers her daughter blessed but urges caution for other parents. “


Accident Number 2

A mother put a review on This is concise form of what she said. 

“A distressing incident marred our visit to the Family Adventure Zone at Whistler. Despite my daughters enjoying the bungee trampoline multiple times, the last round turned into a nightmare for my youngest. Midway through, the left elastic strap suddenly snapped, flinging her to the right. Luckily, she was descending, avoiding serious harm. Surprisingly, no one from the attraction checked on her well-being, leaving concerned bystanders to inquire. The lack of immediate concern and the potential for severe consequences have eroded our trust in Whistler Family Adventure Zone. It’s a stark reminder of the trust placed in such activities and the importance of thorough safety measures. Considering this incident, think twice before entrusting your child to this attraction.”


Bungee trampolines are safe for adults when they maintain the equipment well and follow these 4 steps to avoid accidents:

  • Check the equipment often
  • Keep bungee cords in good shape
  • Use the gear right
  • Listen to safety instructions

Accidents happen if bungee cords snap, which hurt people. To stay safe, always inspect the trampoline and cords. Make sure everything is set up correctly. Follow safety tips and rules.

what is the price of Bungee trampolines?

The cost of bungee trampolines starts as low as $43.00 and can go up to $245.98 or more. These prices change based on how many you buy, the type, and the design.


Outdoor Sports Bungee Jumping Trampoline

  • 2 – 49 pieces: $47.00 per piece
  • 50 – 99 pieces: $45.00 per piece
  • ≥ 100 pieces: $43.00 per piece

Hot Sale Factory Price Kids Jumping Bed Euro Bungee Trampoline

  • ≥ 20 sets: $145.00 per set

Popular Outdoor Child and Adult Bungee Trampoline

  • 100 – 149 sets: $100.00 per set
  • 150 – 299 sets: $90.00 per set
  • ≥ 300 sets: $70.00 per set

Zoshine Hot Selling New Design Adult Professional Bungee Trampoline

  • 20 – 199 pieces: $83.90 per piece
  • 200 – 1999 pieces: $76.00 per piece
  • ≥ 2000 pieces: $59.00 per piece


Sunny Health & Fitness Springless Mini Fitness Trampoline (36”) SF-S021047

  • Bundle Price: $245.98 with Home Gym Foam Floor Protector Mat

Sunny Health & Fitness Springless Mini Fitness Trampoline (40”) SF-S021048

  • Bundle Price: $203.98 with Home Gym Foam Floor Protector Mat

Both Alibaba and Amazon have different bungee trampolines. You can choose based on how many you need, what kind you want, and if you want extra items like mats.

Bungee trampolines vs water Trampolines – Which one is better and why?

Water trampolines are better than bungee trampolines for 7 main reasons which are:

  • Safety: You will get less hurt on water trampolines because water surrounds you.
  • Portability: Water trampolines are easier to move and set up than bungee trampolines.
  • Affordability: Water trampolines cost less, which is easier on your wallet.
  • Maintenance: Water trampolines need less upkeep since they have no complex parts.
  • Age-friendly: Everyone can use water trampolines, with no age limits.
  • Use in water: You can set them up in lakes or seas but bungee trampolines can’t be set up in water.
  • Easy to use: No special gear or training is needed for water trampolines.

Bungee trampolines have their benefits:

In short, water trampolines win for safety, ease, and cost, while bungee trampolines are for thrill-seekers who like to perform stunts.

Are bungee trampolines better than spring trampolines

Yes, Bungee trampolines are better than spring trampolines for 3 main reasons such as bungee trampolines are quieter, require less maintenance, and have a gentler bounce. This makes them a better choice for people with health issues like joint problems or for those who need a softer impact.

However, spring trampolines are cheaper and offer a firmer bounce, which some people might prefer for exercise like jogging in place.

Bungee trampolines:

  • Quieter
  • Easier to maintain
  • Softer bounce
  • Good for health conditions
  • It is ideal for all ages, including those with special needs

Spring trampolines:

  • More affordable
  • Easy to find
  • Firmer bounce
  • Good for jogging-like exercises

People like bungee trampolines because they are unique and comfortable. But, the choice between a bungee and a spring trampoline depends on what you need and like.

From Where I Can Buy Bungee Trampolines

You can buy bungee trampolines from online stores like Amazon and Alibaba, as well as from specialized suppliers such as Bungee Supply Company and Eurojumper. These sellers offer a variety of bungee trampolines for both personal and commercial use.

Online marketplaces:

  • Amazon: Offers a range of bungee trampolines for different uses.
  • Alibaba: Provides options for those looking to buy in bulk.

Specialized suppliers:

  • Bungee Supply Company: Sells high-quality bungee trampoline systems.
  • Eurojumper: Known for international shipping and reliable service.

Whether you want a bungee trampoline for fun at home or for a business, these sellers have many choices. They make it easy to find the right bungee trampoline for you.

Final Thoughts

bungee trampolines are an exciting and innovative invention that provides a unique and thrilling experience for both children and adults.

With their impressive dimensions and weight limits, they offer a safe and enjoyable way to bounce and soar through the air.

As bungee trampolines have more risks, proper safety precautions will greatly reduce the danger.

Overall, bungee trampolines offer a thrilling and exhilarating experience for those seeking a unique form of entertainment.


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